3 Important Selection Parameters For Air Conditioners

The summers in India are getting warmer and warmer. Cooling in summer is just as crucial in our latitudes as heating in winter. To escape the heat in the apartment, in the office or the store, especially in the height of summer, more and more people rely on air conditioning.



In times of Internet, electric markets and discounters, air conditioners are often already available at the lowest prices. However, cheap and mis-installed equipment can quickly take revenge: high power consumption, poor performance, and short life are often a problem. We therefore recommend:

Buy a branded Intec air conditioners from a famous manufacturer from a specialist.

Let us advise you on your air conditioning and let the specialist handle the assembly and maintenance of your equipment. It gives you a much higher level of safety regarding assembly, service and spare parts performance after purchase.

Always give priority to quality and performance over the price. A good air conditioner has a lifespan of 15 years and more. A cheap device may be defective after a short time and cannot or only with difficulty be repaired.

Modern air conditioning units can not only cool but also take over the heating during the transitional period. It will extend your benefit and energy saving advantage by more than 4-6 months.



There are various types and designs of air conditioning units: From a simple floor standing unit to split air conditioning systems to a comprehensive air conditioning system that air-conditions several rooms. Which device is most suitable for you with which performance depends first and foremost on the conditions of your premises? Room insulation, window areas or orientation are just a few of the factors that are included in a cooling load calculation.

Be sure to choose a branded product in a modern design.

Air conditioners with heat pump technology are energy-saving heaters for the transitional period and cooling units for the summer in one function.

Installation and installation of an air conditioning system

Only use condensate pumps if necessary. (Because they run relatively little with air conditioning units, they are always the cause of a fault!) Electrical connections (see device brief descriptions and technical datasheets) NEVER prepare new components (see refrigerant pipes)

Air conditioners should be installed in such a way that the air flow flows evenly through the rooms. The specialist knows the best location for your air conditioner.

Choose the interior part placement so that there is no noticeable air movement in areas where you stay longer (e.g., lying or sitting).

The outdoor part placement should be by noise level (e.g., neighbors) and assembly. However, special attention must be paid to the ease of service, because poor service accessibility shortens the life, increases energy consumption and service costs unnecessarily!

Tip: Even if you want to install a heat pump air conditioning system in your new building at a later date, you should have the refrigerant line laid by a specialist company immediately. It will save you later expensive and unpleasant, subsequent installation, drilling, and prying.

From planning and consulting to assembly and sales, maintenance and service – Intec air conditioning technology gives you quality from a single source

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