Choosing The Right TV Size for Your House

The size of the television has historically been one of the most important factors for a majority of people when choosing the best television for their home. Traditionally the measurements of the television depended to a great extent on the distance from where one was going to watch. However, with the development of technology and the increase in the resolution of the image, the traditional rules have changed.


What factors to take into account to choose the television?

You have to buy smart LED TV in DelhiĀ and do not know how to disentangle among the many TV models in stores? Before making your choice, would you like to have some clarification on the technical features that must have a good TV set in the way of time?

The resolution: Before it was recommended that the size of the television had an adequate proportion with the dimensions of the space where it was going to be installed, since the closer it was, the more pixelated the image would look. Considering this consideration, the recommendation was that the television had to be viewed from a distance equivalent to 8 – 10 times the height of the television.

So, if the living room was small, a large TV size did not count because the image quality was lost. For example, on a standard-definition 65-inch television, more than seven meters of distance was needed to achieve optimal viewing, which meant that it was necessary to have a large sized living room!

The arrival of High Definition television


With the arrival of High Definition televisions, the situation has changed. The required distance has been reduced to 3 times the height of the image. So, with a 65-inch TV, you have to be 2.77 meters from the screen. And in the case of 4K TVs, the distance is insignificant! It is only necessary to be 0.75 times the height of the screen so that in the case of a 65-inch TV it is possible to see the image without any deterioration at a distance of 81 cm.

What screen size is adequate?


We may continue to be guided by TV sizes with fewer inches or proportional to the size of the site where they will be installed. However, Full HD screens have reduced viewing distances. And it is already possible to opt – in many cases – for larger screens. So the place where the television will be displayed is not particularly relevant at the time of choosing the size of the television.LED TV at lowest price in Delhi are available easily to save you money and give best viewing experience.

Finally, we talk about 3D TVs. In the past, electronics stores saw 3D-compatible 3D glasses. You could find two different types: those with the 3D active quality assurance that could only be used with the goggles provided by the TV manufacturer and those with a 3D passive that instead allowed the use of low-cost glasses such as cinema. Curved panels, on the other hand, offer a more comprehensive viewing experience than traditional TVs – at least for those in front of the screen – but they are still quite expensive. In addition to being useful, they must have quite important dimensions (say from 50 “up).

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