5 Ways You Can Ensure Your AC Runs For Long

We would not be seeking brownie points if we are right in our assumption that an AC is your best companion in the harsh months of summer. Not only does it cool the temperature in your house significantly but it also lets you breathe filtered and dust-free air. Much as you love the AC that flaunts the label of the best air conditioner brand in india, it is also important to ensure that your AC gives you seamless service at least for the first five years. In this piece of we give let you know the 5 ways/tips that can make your AC run in its full efficiency.

  1. Seamless outdoor unit- One of the first thing to focus on is the positioning of the air-conditioner’s oudoor unit. An AC’s outdoor unit draws air into the system and literally throws the heat back. Ideally, the split AC’s indoor unit from the top split air conditioner brand in india should be installed at a distance of 2 feet from the ceiling. Also, the distance between the inner and the outer unit of the air conditioner should be 10 meters. To reduce the load on the compressor, keep the outdoor unit well above the indoor unit.
  2. Check the filters regularly- The dirty filters of your AC can block the airflow. Worse, it could result in ingression of dust and other harmful particles that could pollute the environment and may cause dust allergy. Therefore, replacement of the filters becomes an essential element to increase the efficiency in the best air conditioner brand in india. At the same time, we also advise replacement of filters particularly among those household that faces the problem of dusty air due to industrial waste or even on the natural course of the environment.
  3. Check the coil fins- Since the condensing units are a little fragile, it is important you check their condition more often. Any damage to the coil fins can block the airflow. Given the nature of the coil fins, the best split ac manufacturers in india have long emphasized the use of a tool called fine comb . The tool helps in briging the fins back to its original position.
  4. Cover the outdoor unit in the non-functional period- In a country like India that enjoys all the seasons of the year, air conditioners have no use in the cooler months. Likewise, the monsoon season records torrential rains. Hence, you must cover the outdoor unit of the air-conditioner with a suitable material so there is no major technical damage to your AC. This’d prevent your air-conditioner from debris and water clogging as well.
  5. Bi-annual inspection by manufacturer’s maintenance team- The more we say about it, the more we mean it. Many households have seen untimely break-down of their ACs manufactured by the best air conditioner brand in india due to their reliance on local technicians who is referred to by the dealer. Therefore, intec appliances has always been underlining the importance of entrusting the manufactuer’s team of technicians for all the quick fixes for your ACs.

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