Air Conditioners for the office: How to make the right choice

Air Conditioners for the office How to make the right choice

The installation of an air conditioner in your office will help to ensure the normal productivity of employees, regardless of the temperature outside. An air conditioner for an office is not just a demonstration of the status of a company, it is the necessary equipment that provides normal conditions for its operation.

The presence of such a device can also have an economic effect since it will allow employees to direct their efforts to solve the problems of the organization, and not to fight the heat and stuffiness. Installing an air conditioner in your office will prevent:

  • Early departure of employees from work due to headaches;
  • Increased fatigue, which will affect labor productivity;
  • Frequent absence of employees due to illness.

The existing misconception that the presence of an air conditioner is the cause of frequent colds is caused by ignorance of the rules for operating climatic devices. Another misconception is related to the high cost of such equipment. From a wide range of models on the market, you can pick up inexpensive air conditioners, the price of which is affordable even for individual entrepreneurs.

In addition, thanks to air conditioner best brands in India like Intec, it is possible to provide normal working conditions for an office team, even in a cramped office. And if you have an open office and clients visit it, then the lack of air conditioning can affect the level of their loyalty to the company.

What are the types of air conditioners for the office?

Consider HVAC equipment for small and medium-sized office premises. If you temporarily rent a small space, then you can use a tower air conditioner for the office. This technique does not require special installation and can be easily transported to another facility. For large premises, it is better to buy an air conditioner for an office for semi-industrial or industrial use.

Split air conditioners are the most popular type of equipment for closed areas where people are constantly present. They are installed in the premises of trade objects, public catering, in offices and apartments. Split systems offered by split air conditioner manufacturers in India consist of wall-mounted indoor and outdoor units.

Duct air conditioners are attractive because they are mounted in a hidden way under suspended ceiling systems. The cooled air flows are distributed through special ducts made of heat-insulating materials.

Such an installation can provide air conditioning for an office consisting of several rooms. Air conditioners also have the advantage of being able to supply large amounts of fresh air. Professional selection of a central air conditioner with cooling for the office will help to make the operation of the climatic equipment completely invisible.

Cassette air conditioners are capable of simultaneously supplying air flows in 4 directions, moreover, the flow rate in each direction can be changed independently of other flows.

The installation of such equipment in the office will ensure uniform cooling of the premises and will make it possible to avoid direct cold air flows onto employees. Cassette air conditioners are the best equipment for offices with large sizes and non-standard shapes.

Multi-split systems. For a large office, a practical solution would be to install air conditioning systems, in which one outdoor unit can be connected to several indoor units (up to 9 units).

Thus, with the help of two units, it is possible to air conditioning up to 15 rooms in a large office. This solution will preserve the architecture of the facade since the outdoor units can be installed from the side of the patio.

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