Cool your house this summer with top Air Conditioner brands in India

Cool your house this summer with top Air Conditioner brands in India

The hot weather is coming. To avoid melting on the spot and having bad nights, take the help of the air conditioner best brands in India which will help you keep your house refreshed and chilled the whole summer.

Thinking of approaching the best air conditioners brand in India and buying an air conditioner so you don’t suffocate inside your house or apartment? Here is everything you need to know to choose it well.

To sleep in a cool environment, the air conditioner remains the best option. Whether you choose a mobile or fixed, you are guaranteed to be refreshed over time. It renews the air in the room by sucking in hot air to release cooler air.

Depending on the climate, the degree of insulation, the exposure of your home, and your health, air conditioning can quickly become essential so as not to suffocate and cool your house in summer.

The window air conditioner brands in India make it much easier for you to withstand high temperatures and periods of the heatwave.

The feeling of suffocating and heavy heat is removedand the ventilation allows you to feel the air circulating. Air conditioning also acts as a dehumidifier and thus protects your health and the finishes of your home.

In addition, the most recent models of air conditioning are equipped with a photocatalytic purifying filter to purify and sanitize the air that you breathe.

To avoid suffering from the summer heat, air conditioning seems to be an excellent way to cool the house. Here are some tips for choosing the right air conditioner.

Define your needs

Before embarking on the installation of one or more air conditioners, you will have to define with an expert your needs and the parts to be equipped.

The installation is assessed according to several criteria:

  • The level of ventilation in the house (the more the house is airtight and insulated, the less it is necessary to have powerful air conditioning).
  • The volume to be refreshed
  • Facade exposure
  • Energy consumption of household appliances (television, oven, computer, refrigerator)

All of these features help determine which air conditioner is most suitable for your home.

Install air conditioning for comfort

Installing an air conditioning system allows you to gain comfort, especially in the hottest regions.

In the middle of a heatwave, these devices allow the most sensitive people not to suffer because of high temperatures.

Thanks to the multi-split air conditioning system (with several indoor units), the refrigerant circulates between the different units, and you can then cool several rooms at the same time.

Air conditioning to save energy

An air conditioner is very useful in the summer, but it can be just as useful in the winter. Indeed, if you choose reversible air conditioning, you can use it to heat your interior. You no longer need to use a heating appliance (suitable in regions with mild winters), which saves you a lot of energy. And this is also felt on your annual bill for heating expenses.

The reversible air conditioning allows you to adjust the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree. In addition, recent models combine energy performance, comfort, energy, and money savings.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioner: How to choose the Air Conditioner best brand in India?

Wall-mounted Air Conditioner How to choose the Air Conditioner best brand in India

Installing air conditioning to cope with summer heatwaves is no longer an anecdote. More and more individuals are taking the plunge to contact air conditioner best brands in India tired of seeing their well-being and sleep affected. Some then opt for wall-mounted air conditioners, which are particularly efficient. Is this your project? Find out how to choose it, and how to install it.

What are the different types of wall-mounted air conditioning?

The wall-mounted air conditioning family includes different types of diffusers, most of which are reversible. Able to heat in winter and cool in summer, they often come in the form of vertical consoles, compact and discreet (comparable to radiators), or in the form of more imposing blocks.

Whatever they are, these systems can be monocles, splits, and even multi splits. Their particularities make their great differences:


  • Condensing unit and evaporator in the same device;
  • Rather heavy and bulky;
  • Sometimes high sound level;


  • Condensing unit outdoors, therefore, separated from the evaporator;
  • Important refrigeration connections;
  • Pipe required for the evacuation of condensates;


  • Fundamental characteristics identical to the split;
  • Several indoor units;

What are the best wall-mounted air conditioning brands?

Many top air conditioner brands in India share the air conditioner market. All offer high-quality products, but the most popular remain Intec.

Criteria for choosing a wall-mounted air conditioner

Are you considering installing air conditioning, but have no idea what to consider to make the right choice? Here they are!

  1. The power of the device

The air conditioner to be chosen must be adapted to the volume and various characteristics of the rooms to be air-conditioned. It involves, for example, taking into account the exposure of rooms to heat sources, their quality of insulation, the ambient humidity level, or even the height of their ceilings.

  1. Technologies and options

Manufacturers are constantly confronted with the technological challenges of their time. They are, then, able to offer devices that are full of innovations, such as:

  • noise reduction;
  • Ultra-low consumption;
  • Connectivity;
  • The ability to self-clean.
  1. Energy efficiency

Almost all air conditioners are equipped with an “energy label”. A true index of the energy performance of appliances, allows you to assess the potential savings – or expenses – linked to their use.

From the most efficient (A+++), to the least efficient (D), it is ideal to turn to the best ranked for long-term results knowing, of course, that the starting price remains a non-negligible component to consider.

  1. Ambient air treatment

Stationary air conditioners are able to cool and heat, and that’s already a lot. However, some go further and offer an array of air treatment and purification features. Among them, dehumidification, ionization, or electrostatic filtration features are also provided which eliminate dust and other domestic pollutants.

Are you looking for the best window air conditioner brand in India? Or do you want to purchase a split air conditioner to deal with the discomfort that heat brings? If yes, then we suggest you visit and make a purchase as soon as possible before the summer season arrives!

Air Conditioners for the office: How to make the right choice

Air Conditioners for the office How to make the right choice

The installation of an air conditioner in your office will help to ensure the normal productivity of employees, regardless of the temperature outside. An air conditioner for an office is not just a demonstration of the status of a company, it is the necessary equipment that provides normal conditions for its operation.

The presence of such a device can also have an economic effect since it will allow employees to direct their efforts to solve the problems of the organization, and not to fight the heat and stuffiness. Installing an air conditioner in your office will prevent:

  • Early departure of employees from work due to headaches;
  • Increased fatigue, which will affect labor productivity;
  • Frequent absence of employees due to illness.

The existing misconception that the presence of an air conditioner is the cause of frequent colds is caused by ignorance of the rules for operating climatic devices. Another misconception is related to the high cost of such equipment. From a wide range of models on the market, you can pick up inexpensive air conditioners, the price of which is affordable even for individual entrepreneurs.

In addition, thanks to air conditioner best brands in India like Intec, it is possible to provide normal working conditions for an office team, even in a cramped office. And if you have an open office and clients visit it, then the lack of air conditioning can affect the level of their loyalty to the company.

What are the types of air conditioners for the office?

Consider HVAC equipment for small and medium-sized office premises. If you temporarily rent a small space, then you can use a tower air conditioner for the office. This technique does not require special installation and can be easily transported to another facility. For large premises, it is better to buy an air conditioner for an office for semi-industrial or industrial use.

Split air conditioners are the most popular type of equipment for closed areas where people are constantly present. They are installed in the premises of trade objects, public catering, in offices and apartments. Split systems offered by split air conditioner manufacturers in India consist of wall-mounted indoor and outdoor units.

Duct air conditioners are attractive because they are mounted in a hidden way under suspended ceiling systems. The cooled air flows are distributed through special ducts made of heat-insulating materials.

Such an installation can provide air conditioning for an office consisting of several rooms. Air conditioners also have the advantage of being able to supply large amounts of fresh air. Professional selection of a central air conditioner with cooling for the office will help to make the operation of the climatic equipment completely invisible.

Cassette air conditioners are capable of simultaneously supplying air flows in 4 directions, moreover, the flow rate in each direction can be changed independently of other flows.

The installation of such equipment in the office will ensure uniform cooling of the premises and will make it possible to avoid direct cold air flows onto employees. Cassette air conditioners are the best equipment for offices with large sizes and non-standard shapes.

Multi-split systems. For a large office, a practical solution would be to install air conditioning systems, in which one outdoor unit can be connected to several indoor units (up to 9 units).

Thus, with the help of two units, it is possible to air conditioning up to 15 rooms in a large office. This solution will preserve the architecture of the facade since the outdoor units can be installed from the side of the patio.

Benefits Of The Air Conditioning Control System By Zones

From a professional point of view, an air conditioning system (ACS) is understood as a system that primarily provides sanitary and hygienic requirements – the supply of fresh air in an amount not less than a sanitary standard and the maintenance of optimal (permissible) parameters of the microclimate in the room – temperature and humidity conditions.

The advantages of these systems include flexibility of regulation, the ability to maintain the required temperature conditions in each room.

where to buy Intec air conditioner

The control zone is a control system for your ducts that can handle cooling and heating for your home. This system helps only select rooms receive air conditioning.

Zone regulation (or zoning) is a thermal concept that allows temperature control in different rooms while using the minimum amount of air and optimizing the comfort of each. This therefore makes it possible, when a room is unoccupied, not to heat or cool it unnecessarily. The air flow is optimized according to the demand of each room.

Thanks to the different algorithms developed by the brand, it is possible to control each zone independently of each other, in a single integrated system. You can thus easily and very precisely control their air conditioning and heating system at home or remotely, all thanks to AC manufacturers in India.

The principle of operation of this control system is based on a change in the supply air flow rate depending on the heat load in this particular room. At the same time, the required temperature is maintained in each room individually, regardless of which mode.

The zonal control system is designed by home appliances brands in India (has a different algorithm of functioning) to operate under the following air processing modes: heating, cooling, ventilation. In each mode, the system has a specific algorithm of functioning.

The main elements of the zonal regulation system are:

  • Microprocessor-based operating unit (collects readings from temperature sensors, analyzes and selects operating modes, generates air dampers control signals, optimizes the operation of the air conditioner, etc.);
  • User interface (display of current parameters of indoor climate and outdoor air parameters, programming of parameters in each zone for a 7-day period
  • Set of zone sensors or zone control panels (measurement of current values ​​of temperature in rooms)
  • Bypass valve – adjustable dampers
  • Air terminal devices

There are benefits to zone control:

Reduced energy bills:  the most important advantage of a zone control system is that it allows you to stop sending air to empty rooms, unless your house is very crowded, it is very likely that there will always be an empty room or two, and it is a waste of energy to avoid the air conditioning, so this way the zone control system gives you energy and pocket savings.

Personalized comfort: To avoid discussions about where the equipment is placed, the zone control system is a ticket to leave those non-conformities.

Even Cooling – Bringing cool air to every section of your home can create uneven temperatures (especially in multi-story homes with high ceilings. Turning on cooling one area while another is heated can allow for a more even temperature distribution.

Why There Is A Great Demand Of Inverter Air Conditioners?

It is not surprising that now there is a great demand for household appliances for air cooling, since nature is radically changing. Manufacturers of Intec home appliances offer a huge selection and assortment.

But many buyers orient their choice on the price of the product, and only then on its capabilities. This attitude can be explained either by ignorance or unwillingness to even delve into the possibilities of technology.

Anyone who wants not only to add comfort to their home, but also to save a little by reading this article, will be able to realize their intentions.

We are sure that this article will clarify many nuances in all the details- not only in the choice, but also in the purchase of good household appliances to improve comfort in home.

Only 15-20 years ago, an air conditioner installed in a house or apartment was a real rarity. In the best case, the happy owners of such a technique most often could boast. Now, when buying climatic equipment, people are interested not only in air conditioning, but in inverter-type air conditioners.

You have probably heard that inverter air conditioning can save you a lot of money when the electricity bill arrives, but do we really know why?

Inverter air conditioners are capable of smoothly regulating performance. A conventional air conditioner is often turned on and off, and a split system with an inverter works continuously, changing the power depending on the conditions.

The owner is not only free from noise, but also saves up to 40% of electricity.

Benefits of inverter air conditioner

  • Comfort: the desired temperature is quickly reached and precisely maintained.
  • Energy savings thanks to precise digital power control and efficient compressor.
  • Reliability and quieter operation due to elimination of compressor on/off cycles.

If you, purchasing a split-system, want not only to survive the next surge of heat, but expect a long and efficient operation of equipment at any time of the year, you want to get maximum comfort with a minimum of energy consumption, then the installation of an inverter air conditioner provided by air conditioner manufacturer companies in India will be for you optimal solution.

In the case of inverter equipment, once the ambient temperature is close to the desired one, the compressor slows down, lowering its performance by up to 10% of its capacity, in this way we achieve great energy savings since multiple starts and stops of the compressor are avoided.

In this way, the compressor saves many starts and stops in one day of operation, saving between 30 and 60% in electrical energy in a year.


Before buying an inverter air conditioner produced by air conditioner manufacturers in India, find out well about the characteristics of the equipment and take into account how big or small is the space where you are going to place it, so you can know if you need one or more equipment, or something with less power.

Recommendations For Saving Energy When Using Air Conditioning

Saving energy is not only good for the fight against climate change, it is also good for our pockets. Thus, seeking energy efficiency becomes a necessity for a more sustainable development.

Air conditioners have become commonplace in many homes. Therefore, sustainable use and energy efficiency are essential to save emissions to the atmosphere and money. A less power consumption air conditioner can save up to 60% more than a conventional one.

One must be aware that installing an air conditioner expensive, not only because of the cost of the device and the work, but also because of the energy consumption that it implies.

If you want to continue using your air conditioning but at the same time you want to save energy and lower consumption a little, follow these little tips and we assure you that you will see the difference in a short time.

  • The air conditioner must be located in the part of the house in which the sun reaches less.
  • The more humidity there is, the more you have to lower the temperature. In equipment with humidity control, it should be kept between 40% and 60% with respect to air.
  • An average home with air conditioning consumes more than 2,000 kW each year to be cooled. According to air conditioner manufacturer companies in India, high-efficiency air conditioners can reduce energy consumption by 20 to 50 percent, and remember that the best units on the market are up to 70 percent more efficient than older air conditioners.
  • To get maximum efficiency from your air conditioner, turn it off when no one is in the house. If you want the interior of the house to be cool, program the air conditioner to turn on half an hour before your return.
  • Keep the air conditioner filter clean.
  • If only the room where the system is located is being used, close the doors and keep the interior temperature at 24 ºC, at least (it is a comfortable and efficient temperature, since a lower temperature consumes more energy and costs more). For example, specialists point out that at 23 ºC it costs 18 percent more and at 20 ºC it costs 39 percent more.
  • Once the room has cooled down, turn off the air conditioner and use fans to keep you comfortable. When the room warms up again, cool it with air conditioning again and then use the fans once more. By using this method, you can reduce the conditioner’s on-time by 20 to 40 percent.
  • Every degree you lower the temperature supposes an 8% more in the electricity bill
  • It is important that the air conditioning system is clean, especially the filters. If they don’t filter well, you will consume more electricity. Clean the filters at least once a month
  • Setting a temperature lower than what you want will not make the room cool faster, but it will consume more electricity. Always set the correct temperature
  • When the air conditioner is on, close the doors and windows of the room so that it provides better climate in the room.

Myths And Truths About Air Conditioning Energy Consumption

Do you think air conditioning is the biggest villain on your electricity bill? Do you know that a well-installed, good-sized and correctly used appliance consumes less energy than an electric shower, for example.

And thinking about the various doubts of consumers about the energy consumption of air conditioning, we have decided to unveil the main myths and truths on this subject.


1 – The installation does not interfere with energy consumption

The correct installation indicated by the manufacturer facilitates the operation of the device. An installation carried out in a way other than that recommended by the window air conditioner brand in India interferes with its operation, causing it to work incorrectly, consuming more energy.

2 – Temperature does not interfere with energy consumption

Keeping the air conditioning temperature at minimum (cooling) and at maximum (heating) consumes more energy. Keeping the environment at a temperature between 22ºC and 24ºC avoids unnecessary energy costs and is more suitable for the human body.

3 – The condenser in the closed area does not influence the consumption of the device

The outdoor unit should be in a place where there is air circulation, to avoid the return of the inflated air.

4- To consume less energy, the ideal is to turn off if the environment is left for a short time and turn it on again when you return

Turning it on and off too often leads to higher power consumption. If you leave the room for a short time, up to 20 minutes or half an hour, leave it on to avoid maximum power consumption and turn it off.

If when leaving the room for a short time we turn off the air conditioning, we will be causing consumption peaks at each new start


1 – There is a type of equipment suitable for each type of environment

That’s right. There are suitable devices for every size of environment, intensity and flow of people. For medium and large environments, for example, experts indicate the ceiling floor.

2- Air conditioning is cheaper

It is true. The inverters work like frequency converters, since they control the compression rate of the equipment. The compressor never turns off, avoiding voltage spikes and temperature fluctuations.

3 – The more powerful the device, the more it consumes energy

Using a device with less power than is indicated for the environment, greatly increases your energy consumption. That is why the correct size is very important.

8 – Leaving the window open with the air conditioning on increases energy consumption

In addition to consuming more energy, this carelessness can compromise the operation of the appliance. Ideally, all doors and windows should be kept tightly closed.

9 – Keeping the filters clean avoids unnecessary energy costs

It is true. Dirty filters prevent the free circulation of air, force the device to work harder and consequently consume more energy.

Air conditioning doesn’t have to be the worst villain in pearls of light, just use it properly, keep filters clean, and perform preventative maintenance and contact air conditioner manufacturer in India.

Multiple Advantages Of Having An Air Conditioner In Your Home

We all know the feeling of satisfaction and well-being when air conditioning saves us from those days when high temperatures are practically unbearable.

But what we don’t know is that apart from our comfort, air conditioning has multiple advantages for our health that need to be highlighted.

The air conditioning provides many health benefits, high temperatures can lead to multiple problems for our well-being such as heat stroke, low blood pressure, dizziness, etc.

All this prevents us from enjoying moments in which we need to rest and relax, the heat can become very stressful, altering our routine.

Let’s think that much of the time during the summer people continue working and need time to take energy. Rest is essential, as high temperatures exhaust anyone.

The air conditioning is a technological breakthrough that facilitates and improves the quality of life of people by making it more pleasant and comfortable.

An air conditioning system installed in the home provides great benefits to alleviate our health favouring personal well-being. Air conditioning creates a healthy, clean and fresh environment helping to combat allergies to dust and mites.

There are people who in the summer begin to develop strong allergies that reduce their quality of life, and this occurs both outside the home and at home. The air conditioning clears the environment of these elements that cause sneezing, itchy nose, red eyes, mucus, etc.

ACs made by air conditioner best brands in India improve the health of people with respiratory problems, as well as allergies to pollen or dust.

In addition, they help people who are under stress at work or at home, since as we know the heat affects the mood. It is also beneficial for disabled people or people with reduced mobility who are affected more intensely by heat or cold; as well as boys and girls who are very sensitive to strong changes in temperature, improving their quality of life.

The air conditioning has an effect on our health. When summer arrives we need an ally to alleviate the high temperatures, and in most cases it is the air conditioner.

There are many advantages of air conditioning, but be careful! Because air conditioning can cause health problems if it is not used properly.

The air conditioning is able to cool the atmosphere and decrease the temperature of a room. The way air conditioners work is that they cool and clean the air. In addition, they control the humidity of the room by keeping it at the desired temperature.

Temperaturecontrol. We will not always need to be at the same temperature, it all depends on the moment and the situation. Therefore, thanks to the features introduced by air conditioner manufacturer companies in India in ACs, we can control at what temperature the room should be kept.

Air circulation. Thanks to the air conditioning, the air in our room is little renewed. The renewal of the circulating air improves respiration.

Increase performance. High temperatures cause fatigue. In this way, lowering the temperature of the room or office increases the intellectual and physical capacity of people. Therefore, also performance at work, that’s why, you need to contact air conditioner manufacturers in India.

It prevents environmental humidity. Air conditioning makes the environment drier.

Why Is It More Profitable To Buy Air Conditioning In Winter?

It is generally accepted that the best time to buy an air conditioner is summer. Since it is a seasonal product and in demand is mostly in the summer. But recently, a new saying has spread: “It is better to buy fur coats in the summer, and air conditioners in the winter!”.

In winter, we don’t even think about buying an air conditioner; many people think that they can easily do without it with just a fan. But with the onset of summer, people’s opinions change dramatically. The fan just blows and drives the air around the room, but does not cool it as fast and efficiently as the air conditioner does. As soon as the thermometer reaches 25 ° C and the fan no longer rescues from heat; people start buying air conditioners in bulk. After buying an air conditioner, some people think, “Maybe it was worth buying an air conditioner in winter or spring when the price was much lower?”

air conditioner best brands in India,

Why is it more profitable to buy air conditioning in the winter?

Low prices. The price in winter for all air conditioners is significantly lower. The average price of an air conditioner by best air conditioner brand in India starts at a very low rate, which means you can purchase an air conditioner and + save on installation (the price of which is calculated individually). It is more profitable to buy any goods at the end of their season: autumn boots – in the winter, heaters – in the summer, air conditioners – with the onset of cold weather. At the peak of demand, all seasonal goods have a maximum price. At the end of the season, you can purchase any product with good quality at a good price.

Value for money. With the advent of heat and a sharp increase in demand, commodity circulation increases, many stores seek to sell their goods as soon as possible. Most people choose air conditioning for a price that sellers can use. The air conditioner is like a car, and you do not always know when it’s under the hood when buying it. What is more profitable to buy an inexpensive supported Muscovite and spend 50% of the cost on its repair every year, or buy a normal car and nothing to worry about? In cheap air conditioners, manufacturers save on components, especially on the compressor. A compressor is the heart of an air conditioner; if it fails, you cannot do without its replacement. Normal air conditioning lasts 9-12 years. Therefore, if you have a modest budget and intend to purchase a cheap air conditioner from air conditioner best brands in India, read about the air conditioner itself and reviews about this model.

Air conditioners with winter kit. Many are used to thinking that air conditioning only works for cooling. But if you have a winter kit (which can be purchased for any air conditioner), it can work at sub-zero temperatures. This will save on the purchase of a heater. Such an air conditioner will help maintain a comfortable climate for you at any time of the year.

The workload of teams. In the summer, demand is high not only for the purchase but also for the installation and maintenance of air conditioners. In winter, you can order the delivery and installation of the air conditioner at a convenient time for you.

How to Cut Cost when Using an Air Conditioner?

Saving in air conditioning, even if it seems perfect, is possible. You have to know how.

Tips to save on air conditioning:

Intec Window AC

  1. Have a good team: The first step to save on air conditioning is to invest in a good team. A few bucks more at the beginning can save us from a few later and all the figures published in this regard confirm it. According to window air conditioner manufacturers in India, some appliances consume up to 60% more electricity for the same level of provision.
  2. What most consumes is the compressor of the heat pump: the systems that carry inverter technology,save between 30% to 50% of energy with respect to one without it.
  3. Choose a good location: If you want to save on air conditioning, find the best location for less power consumption air conditioner. It is not worth putting it anywhere. However, it is in terms of decorative. Avoid placing the indoor device in areas of currents (windows and doors) or near sources of heat (light bulb, television, oven). Regarding the exterior, place it away from direct solar radiation).
  4. Isolate the house well: It’s a truism, but even so, it is worth remembering that a house without leaks in walls and doors allows to maintain better the temperature and, therefore, save on air conditioning.
  5. Avoid sudden changes in temperature: Lower the temperature of the thermostat sharply for the house to cool before is a common mistake that only involves a more significant expense. The adequate temperature in homes in the summer season is between 22 and 25 degrees, with a humidity level ranging between 45% and 60%. It will be a matter of minutes to reach without the need to produce a peak of energy. Moreover, each degree less implies an additional consumption of 8%.
  6. Keep the appliance clean: Air conditioner best brands in India recommend cleaning the filters “at least once a year” to remove dust, pollen and fibers; Not only will it help the team run better and longer, it also prevents allergies and helps save on air conditioning. The consumer organization advises to vacuum the filters or wash them with cold water since with hot water they could spoil and let them dry to the leftover until they eliminate all the humidity.
  7. Make responsible use of the equipment: Close doors and windows in the room where you are using it, to avoid that the fresh air is diluted throughout the house; do not put it at night or schedule it to activate when you’re not at home, it’s an avoidable expense; make sure it works correctly, to avoid unnecessary energy losses.
  8. Do not depend only on-air conditioning: Try to keep your house as chilled as possible using Grandma’s tricks: lower blinds and leave windows open when possible, try to generate air currents, avoid appliances that give heat (iron, oven, toaster) in the warmer hours. Practices as simple as these can allow savings of up to 30%.
  9. Replace the air conditioner with evaporative systems: The evaporative systems are deficient consumption devices that pass an air current through a tray full of water, so that, when evaporating, the water moistens and cools the stays. While it is true that refrigeration is not the same as with traditional equipment, it is also that they help to save on air conditioning and can be very suitable in dry regions or in localities that do not reach very high temperatures.