Buying A TV In The 2018 Era

Buying a new television is a free experience. Prices vary significantly between TVs of the same size. Manufacturers and sellers resort to additional features, high-sounding names of technology and hyperbolic claims about image quality to make you spend more. And as it is normal, the Internet is a swamp of figures and conflicting opinions, not to mention the unintelligible jargon.

This guide aims to be an oasis in the midst of the vast desert of accurate information about televisions. I strive to provide you with practical and easy to understand information will help you choose your new TV. But the guide cannot answer all your questions, and when you read it, you will see that I do not offer you “the perfect TV for you” at the end. What I do hope is to give you the necessary tools you need to be able to buy android TV in India¬†with confidence.

Four rules to buy a television

  1. Wait until the holiday season to get the best prices

Black Friday is known for the crazy offers of TVS of unknown brands, but the truth is that almost all stations have a discount of Black Friday. Prices remain low throughout the holiday season and until the New Year.

Front-line televisions can have a discount of 20 percent to 40 percent during the spring. Cheaper TVs also receive a discount.

  1. Ignore (most) of the specifications

As a rule, the main purpose of a television’s list of specifications is to bombard you with confusing terms and figures in an attempt to buy the most expensive version. The only informative numbers are those of Entries and Weight/Dimensions. Instead of depending on the list of specifications to know details that help you identify which television performs better, our advice is to ignore it. The specifications can help you when you try to differentiate a TV based on features, such as Smart TV technology or advanced remote control, but they are useless, at best, and deceptive at worst, when used as a tool to determine the quality of the image.

  1. The bigger, the better

We recommend a TV at least 40 inches for the bedroom, and at least 55 inches for the living room, and 65 inches or greater is better. If you are replacing your television, those sizes may seem very large, but trust what I say, a large TV is spectacular.

In fact, more than any other “feature,” such as 4K resolution, HDR, Smart TV or advanced remote control, buying a larger TV is the best use you can make of your money.

  1. It’s worth considering 4K and HDR TVs

If you’ve been watching TVs in recent months, you’ve probably faced the decision to buy or not a 4K one. And you have probably also seen “HDR,” which means high dynamic range. If you do not give such importance to the quality of the image, then you will get the best value by separating the televisions for the price and size of screen you want and choosing the LED TV at lowest price in Delhi.

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