Air Conditioner Purchase On The Internet: Discount Price For A Low-Cost Service

You have, or you may consider to equip you with an air conditioning system, the first reflex of the consumer is often to go on the internet to learn about the different models, and get a price idea. Various online sales sites offer air conditioning at a discount price, so what are these websites worth? And their performance is it up compared to that of an installer?

The two types of air conditioners: fixed and mobile.

The first ones count: the wall-mounted air conditioner is a kind of box, which, as its name suggests, is fixed to the wall. The console air conditioner, similar in appearance to a radiator. The cassette air conditioner which is in the form of a rectangular grid and installs in a false ceiling and the duct, which is placed in the same way.

These products benefit from a simple diffusion system (mono-split): with a unit outside and a unit inside but in a single room; or multi-split: with an outdoor unit and units divided into several rooms (up to five) of the house/apartment. The authorization of the town hall for the installation of a fixed air conditioner is not required unless you live in a protected area. On the other hand, you will have to obtain the approval of the majority of the co-owners, if you live in an apartment.

On wheels, mobile air conditioners move quickly from room to room. These units are equipped with an evacuation duct to be placed on the crack of the window to evacuate the hot air.

The air conditioner manufacturers in India keeps a wide range of possibilities at hand; to him to see which ones are best suited to his needs. Especially since, as the experts point out, reversible air conditioners (fixed or mobile) can heat indoor air to replace radiators. And, remote, for the most part, they offer exceptional ease of use.

After consulting several online sales sites, consumers generally turn to one or more companies specializing in air conditioning to obtain quotes, and the amazement they see a price difference that varies between 15 and 30%.

What is the difference in price?

The answer is simple, the services offered by online sales sites and installers are far from similar: a website displays a price excluding delivery, without installation, without guarantee on the workforce, without insurance, without installer qualifications. They can obviously afford to break prices by keeping a very small margin; their service is to send a package to a recipient.

This service is incomparable to that of a qualified window air conditioner brand in India who:

Go directly to the construction site to evaluate the power of the equipment, technical constraints, assist you in choosing a solution that meets your expectations and your budget, and establishes a free quote.

Ensures you an after-sales service by moving free for two years in case of breakdown on your equipment, or remains at your disposal by telephone for a board of use.

Provides you with a follow-up on your equipment by proposing you maintenance solutions adapted according to your use.

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