How to Choose a TV: Everything That is Usually Silent in Stores

A guide for those who want to buy from the perfect best LED TV brand in India without overpaying a penny. Marketers cannot deceive you anymore.

Define the budget

Before you buy something, you need to answer yourself to the question: “How much money can I spend on this? TVs belong to the category of technology, where the price is practically not limited from above. There are more than worthy models for 20 thousand rubles, and there are also for six and a half million.

But seriously, the combination of the uncertainty of allowable spending, lack of knowledge on the topic and some of the techniques of sellers, provoking a person to buy and dulling his sanity, is a genuine risk of losing a significant amount or getting on a loan.

Determine the dimensions

“I’ll buy now, and I’ll think of something with accommodation” is a horrible way of thinking before buying any dimensional goods.

You are most likely to want to place a freshly purchased TV in an already existing environment. This can be a separate bedside table, a suite or a wall mount.

If the TV turns out to be noticeably narrower or broader than the nightstand, then such construction will look very poor.

In the headset, if the wall is too large and a LED TV android does not fit, it will be a big problem.

Mounting on the wall gives more freedom, but there are also some limiting factors.

There is such a thing as the optimal distance for viewing. It is commonly believed that this is 3-4 times the diagonals of the TV.

Let’s say the diagonal is 40 inches. The inch is 2.54 centimeters. 40 inches is 106.2 centimeters, that is, it is supposed to watch TV at a minimum of three meters. Will this rule be applied in your house or apartment? No? It’s okay because the optimal distance is a relatively arbitrary parameter.

It is much better to pre-measure the distance from which you will watch your future TV and evaluate candidates for purchase precisely at such a range. You will understand which diagonal screen will be optimal for you.

Too big a screen will not allow covering the whole picture, eyes will start to run around the image, trying to look at the details on the periphery, and quickly get tired.

Too small a screen, also, will not work. You realize that you do not see little details, and in general, there is no cinema effect of presence that a person expects from a modern widescreen TV.

Type of matrix

In fact, the market for matrices is dominated by a single technology called LED, by which an absolute majority of displays are created. That is, the screens of all TVs are about the same.

Only the type of matrix is essential, and this will be either LED or actively promoted now AMOLED.

AMOLED is otherwise called the organic matrix. Distinguish LED TV from AMOLED-TV is very simple for the price. The second with the same diagonal and other parameters will cost much more.

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