Full HD Gives Excess Clarity- Then Why Are 4K TVs So Popular?

Why then have 4K advertised so actively? In fact, this technology is needed, but only for designers and other professionals who are essential to correctly see the smallest details from a close distance on the monitor, but everything else is a marketing necessity that exists and works exclusively due to the lack of education of consumers.

Think about it, what else do the manufacturer of TVs, when around dozens of the same companies with the same products? The main thing is the very fact of having something unique, and the PR people will come up with everything right.

Competitors, in order not to lag behind in the eyes of consumers, have to repeat such essentially useless innovations, but as bonus manufacturers can substantially raise prices. New technology is the same!

The difference in quality is noticeable.

Almost the same thing happens on the screen of the 4K-TV when you launch on it the content of Full HD and even lower quality. In a real situation, the difference will be less noticeable due to the so-called upscaling – image stretching, in which particular algorithms try to neutralize the accompanying defects. It turns out better, but with the quality of this 4K-content still cannot be compared.

Even in 2018,55 Inch UHD LED TV is very small. The vast majority of films and programs are available in Full HD or HD format. The second factor, caused by the limitations of the human eye, is even easier to demonstrate.

Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the screen.

Now the standard in the industry is de facto Full HD displays, in which the image consists of 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically, but advertising actively promotes 4K-TVs, beautifully telling about the charms and advantages of this technology before the “outdated yet beneficial” high definition LED TV.

The 4K screen consists, as a rule, of 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically. It turns out that this display has four times more pixels.

Color coverage

As mentioned above, now screens have the same technology. And this technology is sufficiently debugged to show a picture of acceptable quality, covering the entire color range. For aesthetes, there is an excellent manual color adjustment, and all others have enough preset modes.

Smart TV or regular

If you know little about Smart TV and are not sure whether you will use it, then buy a TV without this function. If necessary, you can always buy a separate set-top box for viewing content from the Internet.

In fact, Smart TV is a set of applications built into the software shell of the TV to broadcast various content from the Internet. Recently, as a platform, manufacturers offer a full Android with Google Play and their own application sets.

However, if you buy a TV without Smart functionality and connect to the Internet, you can make it smart later using an external set-top box from Apple or based on Android. Or use an intermediary like Google Chromecast to broadcast content from a smartphone or computer.

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