Height Of TV Set

The height of the TV set may cause some difficulties. Often the views of family members diverge, or the host is lost among the 2 – 3 options. In general, there are no strict rules and recommendations on this account. Some useful recommendations are compiled by technical features of products and medical research. It does not matter how many TVs there are in the house. The more important question is, in which rooms they are to be installed: in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Based on the destination of the premises, you can calculate at what height to hang the TV.

Living room

The hosts in the living room take relatives, friends, celebrate different family holidays. In short, people spend a lot of time there. The TV is seen in the living room from different rooms: at the dining table, from the couch, from the chairs or from behind the desk. Consider the height at which the TV should be hung in the living room. Conditionally, the optimal option – when the midpoint of the TV is located at a distance of 70 – 175 cm from the floor. Often it is placed at an altitude of 1.2 to 1.4 m.

Define the indicators for the living room, which should be taken into account first, when determining at what distance from the floor to hang a high definition LED TV:

The average height for all members of the family.


From what point the TV is most often viewed: from the table or the sofa.

If in most cases you plan to watch TV sitting on the couch, then the altitude should be less, and because of the table – higher. The most optimal height can be determined by experience: you need to sit on the couch and look at the wall. You should be comfortable and comfortable. Doctors recommend the following tips on how high the TV is hung up:

You cannot have your head tilt back or forward. This can provoke unnecessary strain on the cervical parts.

From the eyes to the screen, the distance should correspond proportionally to the diagonal of the monitor. The following standard is set: 1: 2 (3), which means that if the screen has a size of 100 cm, then the distance should be 200 – 300 cm for LCD panels, and for regular TV more by 25%.

Installing the panel in the nursery or bedroom

In the bedroom, the height of the LED TV android is determined by the parameters and placement of furniture. An ideal option for learning what height to hang TV in the bedroom is the location of the TV perpendicular to the bed on the wall. It turns out that it will be convenient to watch the film half-sitting or to lie down. Parallel installation is not allowed.

It is necessary to arrange the center of the screen when sitting opposite to the eyes. You should take into account the nuance that the monitor should be tilted about 30⁰. The distinctive feature of LCD monitors is the fact that when you look at the image at an angle, the contrast begins to lose. The image itself is darker than the sight has an adverse effect. By tilting the panel, you can provide a direct view from the “semi-sitting” or “lying” position.

For maximum comfort, you should choose adjustable brackets. They allow you to get the desired slope of the panel. If you plan a small permutation, then you can easily adjust the direction of the screen.

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