How to Choose an Air Conditioner in 2022?

How to Choose an Air Conditioner in 2022

Choosing the right air conditioning is of course a matter of budget, but other characteristics should be considered when choosing the right air conditioner (ceiling height, number of windows, quality of insulation, etc.).

To increase your thermal comfort during episodes of high heat, you want to air-condition your home. But how do you choose your air conditioning in a market that offers more and more models and options?

Before choosing your air conditioner among the different air conditioning systems made available by AC manufacturers in India on the market, it is important to ask yourself about the required air conditioning power.

Indeed, if the device is not powerful enough, the comfort will not be sufficient, the electricity consumption will be too high and the motor of the device will be put to the test. On the contrary, a device that is too powerful will be paid more unnecessarily.

So how do you choose your air conditioning?

The monoblock air conditioner

The monoblock air conditioner makes it possible to have air conditioning without an external unit. It can be fixed or mobile. Advantage of the monoblock air conditioner: this air conditioning unit takes up little space. It is also the most affordable air conditioning.

The disadvantage of the monoblock air conditioner: the monoblock is noisy and less efficient than other air conditioner models. Air conditioning advice: the monoblock air conditioner should be reserved for rooms not exceeding 30 m².

The mono-split air conditioner

The mono-split air conditioner is a more efficient and complex system than its monoblock cousin. It is, in fact, made up of an exterior block and an interior block.

The split air conditioner can be fixed or mobile. The mono-split air conditioner is less noisy than the monoblock air conditioner because the air is evacuated to the outside. In addition, it ensures better air renewal. It is best to only contact the best split air conditioner brands in India such as Intec to make a purchase.

Mobile air conditioning or fixed air conditioning, which one to choose?

Mobile air conditioning has the advantage of being able to be moved as needed. But fixed air conditioning is more efficient. However, it requires the intervention of a professional at least for its installation due to the presence of refrigerants, flammable fluids, harmful to health and to the environment.

To air-condition a house or an apartment: choose the multi-split air conditioner or ducted air conditioning

To air condition several rooms, it is possible to increase the number of monoblock air conditioners. But the ideal solution is then either the multi-split air conditioner or the ducted air conditioning.

The multi-split air conditioner

The multi-split air conditioner offers the possibility of cooling up to 5-6 rooms with a single outdoor unit, consoles being placed in each room. It allows you to adjust the temperature in each room knowing that the ideal is a difference of 6 degrees maximum from the outside. The outdoor unit must be placed outside.

For aesthetic air conditioning: ducted air conditioning

Only split air conditioners are ducted. As with traditional models, they consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. This unit is most often housed in the attic of the house. The air produced by this indoor unit is then sent to the rooms using invisible ducts and grilles installed on the ceiling or on the walls.

It is the most aesthetic type of air conditioning and silent air conditioning for the occupants. Air conditioning advice: ducted air conditioning is particularly effective in houses of 100 m² or more.

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