In What Way Inverter ACs are Better than Standard ACs?

In What Way Inverter ACs are Better than Standard ACs

If you are looking for an air conditioning system that is both efficient and energy-efficient, we strongly recommend that you choose a lowest power consumption air conditioner in India.

Surely you have heard that inverter air conditioning can save you a lot of money when the electricity bill arrives, but do we really know why? Here we explain the advantages of having an Inverter compared to conventional air conditioning.


The main difference with conventional systems is that Inverter air conditioners have an adaptable compressor, which changes its power and speed depending on the temperature of the room sothat they only consume the necessary energy depending on the moment.

The motor or compressor is precisely the component that consumes the most electricity of all the equipment and in a conventional machine, it always works at 100% of its capacity.

In the case of less power consumption air conditioners, the inverter is capable of controlling, through an electronic board, the frequency of the electric current, which normally reaches our homes between 50 and 60 Hz, and which is capable of controlling from 5 Hz to 120 Hz (increasing the capacity of the compressor up to 30% more).

And what does this mean? Well, byvarying the frequency the inverter air conditioner varies the rotational speed of the compressor, being able to operate from 10% to 100% of its capacity.

In this way, the compressor saves many starts and stops in one day of operation, saving energy and reducing the amount of bills to be paid.


Another of the main advantages is that inverter air conditioning makes less noise than conventional air conditioners since it reaches less decibels, especially when the compressor begins to decrease its performance and causes fewer vibrations.

In addition to lowering its performance as it reaches the desired temperature, it reaches lower revolutions, so it will also last longer than a normal compressor.


The difference in stability is also important since with an inverter unit greater stability of the set temperature is achieved, for example, if we select a temperature of 22 ºC, the equipment will maintain the ambient temperature much better, because the compressor undergoes fewer stops and starts, managing to regulate its speed and better stabilize the temperature.


One of the main advantages without a doubt is performance since an Inverter system is capable of achieving a greater energy efficiency compared toa conventional model, which is something important to take into account.

The so-called “Inverter” system is a modern technology allowing your air conditioner to be more comfortable, that is to say, it avoids “trains of cold drafts” while providing you with more economical comfort and at the right temperature. It is undoubtedly a mark of quality.

An inverter air conditioner offered by the best air conditioner brands in India is an efficient and economical air conditioner that ensures fair stability of the comfort temperature and which can bring you up to 20% more energy savings.

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