How to Choose the Perfect LED Tv for Your Home?


LED Tvs are not a new thing to anyone. These special kind of TVs have now earned all the popularity and they really deserve it. LED TV technology keeps on changing and this is the reason they always remain on the top. In the market you will find Android smart LED TVs, curved screen LED Tvs and what not. Basically LED Tvs are the best choice when it comes to buying a new television. Not everyone know what they want to buy and purchasing a new LED Tv can be a stressful task. This blogs takes you to all the aspects that you need to look when you are in quest of a new LED TV. Here are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind.

Screen Size – Choose the One That You Really Needs

Now LED Tvs in the market come in various sizes and screen resolutions and you need to be sure which one you exactly need. Think about the place where you want to install the TV, who will be viewing it and how many hours you daily watch TV. One more important thing that you must consider before choosing a size is how many people are going to watch the Tv at a single time. If you are not much into Tv viewing then definitely you must choose a small sized LED Tv and it’ll work. If you really love watching TV and prefer quality and also you have a good sum of money to spend, then you must definitely choose a larger TV size.

Screen Resolution – HD, UltraHD or 4K

One of the very important decision that you have to make while buying a LED Tv is its screen resolution. Today the technology has advanced a lot and the consumers have got a lot of choices. From standard to HD to Ultra HD to the finest quality 4K. It all depends upon your budget and taste. If you have a good budget and you want a clearer TV viewing experience than you must choose the finest screen resolution. If you are constrained by your budget then you can settle for HD. Don’t forget Hd or High Definition LED screen resolution also promises of great picture quality and you will surely enjoy watching TV.


Now when you put your money into something you must get some kind of assurance. When looking for a new LED Tv you must give proper consideration to the warranty and after sales services of the manufacturer. Warranty is a very important that you cannot overlook at any cost. An electronic device cannot be deemed as faultless and in case you face any problem you can get your TV services in the warranty period. Also look for extended warranties as they are always beneficial. Almost all the major manufacturers provide a warranty of atleast 5 years. Most of them also offer extended warranty with some additional cost.


So these were three things that you must keep in mind while buying a new LED Tv set. There are other various factors that you need to consider such as the audio quality, contrast ratio, HDMI and connectivity, USB support, HDR and smart features. So next time when you are looking for a new LED Tv keep the following factors in mind and make the best decision.

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