The Modern OLED Display Market: What’s New?

Over the past few years, OLED technology has stepped forward, and what has recently been presented as prototypes has now become a reality – models of new-generation TVs with OLED displays flaunt on store shelves. What is this technology good at, and what advantages does it have over liquid crystal displays and plasma that has sunk into oblivion?

What is the difference between the OLED matrixes of the top LED TV brands in India? What are the development prospects for this technology, and what pleasant news should we expect in the future? You will find answers to these questions in our article.

Currently, the good old LCD, LED rule the TV market: the overwhelming majority of models sold are precisely LCD screens that have a number of drawbacks compared to the now-dead plasma and OLED displays of the future. The latter have fundamental differences from TVs based on LCD/LED technology.

The main one is that the pixels themselves emit light, without requiring additional illumination. But even despite the fact that OLED technology does provide a more contrasting, juicy and voluminous picture, and televisions with this matrix are thinner, lighter and more elegant, old technologies do not give up without a fight, having their advantages, the main of which, perhaps, is the price.

top LED TV brands in India

War of Thrones: OLED vs. LED/LCD

In order to understand the disadvantages and advantages of these two technologies, let’s briefly compare the OLED and LCD/LED displays.

The brightness of both types of matrices is better than that of plasma, which entails less loss of image quality when viewed on a sunny day. Some parts of the image on OLED may be brighter than on liquid crystal displays, while the latter outperform their competitor in the brightness of the backlight of the entire screen (which is actually not so important when viewing).

OLED screens differ from any other in a strikingly deep black colour, since one of the features of this type of matrix is ​​the ability to completely turn off individual pixels to get the perfect black colour.

Due to the fact that in terms of brightness of individual sections of the screen and the depth of black OLED, they are superior to rivals; they provide a more contrast picture (at the moment, displays of this technology are unparalleled in this indicator). This is important because the high contrast makes the image more realistic.

The image quality of liquid crystal matrices is significantly degraded depending on the angle at which the viewer looks at the screen. If we talk about OLED matrices, then they have a larger viewing angle than their competitors, although they cannot be compared with plasma TVs.

OLED screen uniformity is much higher than LCD/LED, although inferior to plasma, it is still too early to draw conclusions – the technology does not stand still.

If we talk about energy consumption, then in the case of OLED, this indicator directly depends on the brightness of the screen: the brighter, the more energy is needed. Therefore, viewing a dark tape will be cheaper than a colourful cartoon.

In contrast, the power consumption of LEDs depends on the screen backlight settings – the weaker the backlight, the less energy the TV consumes. By setting the minimum settings for this indicator, you will save more on energy consumption with LED displays. However, both of these technologies do not consume much energy, which is an important point when choosing an ultra-high definition LED TV.

How to Choose the Perfect LED Tv for Your Home?


LED Tvs are not a new thing to anyone. These special kind of TVs have now earned all the popularity and they really deserve it. LED TV technology keeps on changing and this is the reason they always remain on the top. In the market you will find Android smart LED TVs, curved screen LED Tvs and what not. Basically LED Tvs are the best choice when it comes to buying a new television. Not everyone know what they want to buy and purchasing a new LED Tv can be a stressful task. This blogs takes you to all the aspects that you need to look when you are in quest of a new LED TV. Here are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind.

Screen Size – Choose the One That You Really Needs

Now LED Tvs in the market come in various sizes and screen resolutions and you need to be sure which one you exactly need. Think about the place where you want to install the TV, who will be viewing it and how many hours you daily watch TV. One more important thing that you must consider before choosing a size is how many people are going to watch the Tv at a single time. If you are not much into Tv viewing then definitely you must choose a small sized LED Tv and it’ll work. If you really love watching TV and prefer quality and also you have a good sum of money to spend, then you must definitely choose a larger TV size.

Screen Resolution – HD, UltraHD or 4K

One of the very important decision that you have to make while buying a LED Tv is its screen resolution. Today the technology has advanced a lot and the consumers have got a lot of choices. Continue reading

How Can You Pick the Best LED TV Brand in Delhi?

Smarter Technology Intec TV

Smarter Technology Intec TV

The concept of new improved ultra high definition LED TV has started getting more patrons in the Indian markets too. In the recent years, the market for LED TVs has started thriving and people steadily switched over to the televisions that offer vibrant and brighter picture quality. One more thing with buying LED televisions is the wide spectrum of options to choose from. This much abundance of choice is likely to make you confused. So what you need to do in such a situation? How can you pick the best LED TV brand in Delhi that Continue reading

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a New LED TV

Today we have come in an era where Black & White and colored Televisions have become a thing of the past. The world has moved on to LCD, LED, Plasma TV and other much better options. LED Tvs have become the new face of the television industry right now. People love these new gadgets that come with many advantages attached with them. They have good picture quality, sleek body, energy efficient and their features are countless. If you think shopping for a Led TV is a very simple task then you are wrong. There are a lot of decisions to make and things to keep in mind when you go to buy a television in the market. Here are some of the important things that you need to pay attention before buying a LED TV through a local showroom or through an online dealer.

Screen Size

The very first thing that comes in mind when you think of a LED television is its screen size. The size of the TV screens is measured diagonally. The minimum size of TV screens is 20 inches and it goes up to 80 inches. There is no particular hard and fast rule for determining the size of but the size of your Led screen can depend upon many factors – your budget, the size of the room and number of viewers. If in you own a large room and you watch your TV from atleast 8 feet then you must opt for a larger TV size and you can reverse the arithmetic in all the other cases. Now coming to the budget, if you do not have any budget issues then you can go for an average sized Led TV high on quality, but if you have a fixed budget then you must consider a small sized LED TV.

Choosing the Right Brand

Today there are innumerous home appliances brands in competition in the country right now. Indian as well as International brands have launched their competitive models in the market. Now this increasing rivalry between TV brands is a benefit to the user as he can get these electronic gadgets at a much lower price, but sometimes it also makes it hard for the user to stop on one brand. Now there are several brands in the market and users get confused which one to buy. One common notion among buyers is that if we settle for a low priced TV is it less on quality. Now this thing is not true all the times and sometimes due to high competition famous brands do sell their TVs at low prices. When going through several brands you must consider the reputation of each of them and prefer the one with good name. Buyers can read customer reviews on online forums which will help them make a good decision. Also not to forget do not forget to inquire about the after sales services of that particular brand. Good after sales services means goof durability.

HD or UltraHD

The screen resolution of a TV describes the sharpness of the TV picture. A HD or you can say a High Definition TV can support up to 720p. HD TVs are good for those who don’t watch television that frequently and aren’t much crazy about the picture quality. Though HD Television provide a great picture quality but the evolution of 4K and Ultra HD Tvs have overshadowed it. You can watch HD movies in 720p resolution which is clearly not that bad. If you are really don’t want to compromise a little on picture quality then you must definitely go for UltraHD televisions. These TVs give you a whole new visual experience and the picture quality is just phenomenal. There is a slight price difference between HD and Ultra HD Led Tvs and it it’s totally worth it. If you do not have any budget issues and you like high quality picture viewing, then UltraHD Tvs are definitely your thing. Continue reading