How To Increase The Life Of High Definition LED TV

LED TVs provide high quality and bright pictures, but with this comes high-cost investment. No one wants to spend money on a television only to have to replace it in a few years. Here are some of the tips which can assure the longer life to your high definition LED TV.


1. Always turn off the TV when it is not in use

This usually seems like common sense advice, but numerous people simply leave the television running all day as background noise. Thus, the LED TV is busy conducting electricity through its lights while they are busy doing other things. It is analyzed that if a television is left on for just 3 hours a day, that very easily equals over 1,000 hours a year. Many reports have stated that people leave their TVs on for longer than 3 hours a day without looking at them, which ultimately increases the number of hours being wasted. Therefore, turning your LED off when nobody is watching is likely the easiest way to increase its longevity. This ensures that not only will the TV last for longer time, the power bill will also be cut-rate.

2. Adjust brightness and contrast

Changing the brightness and contrast according to the minimum requirement is important to enhance the lifespan. It is not necessary to adjust the brightness and contrast at high levels because the home is not as brightly lit as a showroom. The reason why it is advised to adjust the brightness is that when you operate television at high levels of brightness, it can ultimately reduce the lifespan as the TV needs to work harder. The settings of brightness and contrast differ from one manufacturer to the next. It can also be based on the lighting of a room. Thus, only minor adjustment is very important to keep your TV in the best shape. Even if you have purchased it from the best LED TV manufacturer in India this safeguards is really essential.

3. Use a Voltage Regulator

The LED television is not the only electronic device in the house taking power. Every single time the AC comes on, electricity is utilized. This causes impermanent power dips to other electronics, like the LED TV, which in turn influences the television’s processes. This is one of the reasons why many high definition LED TVs fail early in life. Thus, it is not because of their display technology, but because of the damage of power caps due to power surges. Installing a voltage regulator with a battery backup that can supply additional power during such dips is a good idea. It not only protects against hazards like power surges caused by lightning but also helps in keeping the TV efficient irrespective of what other electronic gadgets are being used in the home.

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