Things Your Android Smart TV Can Do!

The TV has long been the necessary equipment in homes. However, the modern receiver is spoiled, not only needs a large screen, sharpness, and saturation of the image, but also many other functions. Therefore, smart TVs were released.

The struggle for the buyer between the best LED TV manufacturer in India will never subside. Today, it has turned around intelligent control technologies and additional services that work in the Internet space and expand the capabilities of a conventional TV. The familiar Smart TV, focused on interactive television, no longer suits many users. Of course, in comparison with simple models that cannot even be connected to the Internet, such televisions are an indisputable step forward. But here they lose to other gadgets due to the lack of system flexibility. So the evolution of television technology has led to Android TV – new generation technologies.

Smart TV – what is it?

From English, smart is “clever”. However, of course, such a device cannot learn to think on its own, the technique has not yet reached this point. Smart TV is a TV with built-in internet. This gives you access to a range of Internet services, including on-demand video, radio stations, online broadcasting of games, social networks and instant messaging. Most models have a full-featured web browser that provides access to websites. Smart TVs also work successfully in 3D format. It replaced the non-rooted 3D LED TV android technology because at the time it was released, the relevant content was scarce.

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Smart TV Features

A TV using Smart TV is nothing but a smartphone with a giant display and important functions. The main feature of this technique is the Internet connection that determines the capabilities of these systems:

  • Installation of various games and applications;
  • Recording to the internal memory or removable media of any program for subsequent viewing in this device at a convenient time;
  • Ability to access internet resources and work with various applications;
  • Full skype for video chat with friends with a built-in webcam;
  • Use the device to listen to audio files and view photos and videos on other media.

Features of Android TV Like all other television operating systems, Android TV is focused on entertainment, so most of the services it supports are related specifically to games and multimedia. The system works with almost any Internet browser, so searching on the Internet in this case is no different from searching through any other devices.

As a rule, consoles do not have a built-in browser, but it can be easily downloaded and installed. As for televisions with built-in Android TV , the well-known Opera browser is preinstalled in them by developers . The OS supports voice search for content, programs, favourite shows, and even TV control. Word recognition is almost one hundred percent.

Social media

Since Android TV turns the TV into a full-fledged computer, the question arises – is it possible to use social networks through it? You can, for this, just go online and go to your page. Android TV offers users an improved virtual keyboard for large screens, which is remote-controlled and has Russian and English layouts. With some skill, wandering around social networks becomes as comfortable as when working with a tablet or smartphone. The only difference is a very large image on the screen.

How LED TV Technology Is Better For Viewing Pleasures

The future of television is here and it’s really bright. The sleek new LED TVs look spectacular and perform way better than their predecessors. We also have to reckon the marketplace as it is standard business practices these days to roll out the technology in planned increments to increase sales. No one wants to stick with something outdated.

The high definition LED TV is redefining the world of television. There are TV sets available in the market belonging to assorted categories such as LED, LCD, and Plasma TV. The electronic market is swamped with feature rich ultra thin, inexpensive and very lightweight televisions. These days the most famous category among consumers is the LED television. This product has revolutionized the world of entertainment with its superior quality performance. The high definition technology has gone a step ahead to enhance the level of their performance.

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How To Increase The Life Of High Definition LED TV

LED TVs provide high quality and bright pictures, but with this comes high-cost investment. No one wants to spend money on a television only to have to replace it in a few years. Here are some of the tips which can assure the longer life to your high definition LED TV.


1. Always turn off the TV when it is not in use

This usually seems like common sense advice, but numerous people simply leave the television running all day as background noise. Thus, the LED TV is busy conducting electricity through its lights while they are busy doing other things. It is analyzed that if a television is left on for just 3 hours a day, that very easily equals over 1,000 hours a year. Many reports have stated that people leave their TVs on for longer than Continue reading