How to Properly Use an Air Conditioner?

India is a country characterized by its climatic contrasts. In most of the national territory, there is a notable difference in temperature between the summer and winter months. In addition, in recent years there has been an increase in temperature during the summer, leading to intense heat waves that exceed 40 degrees. It leads to many families being forced to install an air conditioner in their home, to cope with high temperatures.


As these devices are connected to the electric current, it is essential to make an adequate use of them to reduce the consumption of electricity. In this way, not only energy and money will be saved, but air conditioning will also be better utilized. In addition, it is vital to perform a proper maintenance of the devices so that they operate at full capacity and 100% capacity.

Where to place the air conditioner inside the home?

The most common systems are the so-called fixed split, as some of the models sold by the Mitsubishi Electric brand. These devices have an external unit and an internal unit that must be connected at a distance recommended by the manufacturer.

This distance should be taken into consideration when installing the device so that the performance is not affected and the cable is sufficiently long. To choose the right model, the first thing is to know the dimensions of the space you want to cool and the orientation of the building. In this way, you can choose the appropriate power of the device.

How to use the air conditioner correctly?

Using logic when using it is critical to get the most out of it. If there is only one person in the room, they will not need the same grades as if there were many people in the room. The air conditioner manufacturer companies in India places the ideal temperature at around 24ºC, while air conditioner best brand in India puts it at about 26ºC.


It should be taken into account that for each of the degrees to which the temperature of the air conditioner is set, approximately 8% more energy is being consumed. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid high-temperature contrasts between the house and the outside, if you want to avoid wasting money.

It is essential to properly maintain the air conditioners so that they do not consume more than necessary and work in perfect conditions. The users themselves can perform this maintenance, cleaning the filters whenever necessary.

The use of air conditioning can be complemented with the placement of elements inside the home that improve the interior temperature of the house. Awnings and quality curtains help reduce heat by blocking the entry of sunlight.

The use of automatic shutdown helps to improve consumption since it causes the appliance to turn off after the significant minutes. About ten minutes are more than enough to achieve adequate climate control during the stay.

Orient the flow of air towards the ceiling and not directed towards people. The cold air, due to the difference in density, will be lowered and distributed in a much more efficient manner throughout the room.

You have to disconnect the air conditioners when there is no one in the room since you will be using unnecessary energy, at the expense involved.

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