How to Save Electricity When Using the Air Conditioner

Efficient air conditioning equipment reduces consumption up to 60% without reducing benefits

When the summer ends and the receipt of the light of the hottest months arrives, it is normal to take your hands to your head. Its amount is astronomical, primarily due to the high energy consumption of air conditioning systems. However, with a rational use of this type of air conditioner brands in India, it is possible to be fresh at home without spending too much.


This year, after the continued rise in the price of electricity and the increase in a VAT , it is more important than ever to follow a series of savings guidelines that are detailed below, so that in September no one is frozen when receiving the bill of the light.

Buy an efficient team- People who still do not have air conditioning at home and need it are in time to acquire a device that consumes less electricity. In the Institute of Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) you can see which air conditioning equipment you spend the least. The energy label is also useful to differentiate the most efficient air conditioning systems.

Let the experts advice you- The more extensive equipment, with more power and more energy consumption rate, is not always the most suitable for all houses. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room in which it will be placed, the orientation of the house or the cooling needs of the floor.


Place the air conditioner in the right place. The ideal thing is to install the less power consumption air conditioner so that the sun gives it as little as possible and in places where there is good air circulation. It also affects that they spend less.  According to the experts, it is not advisable to refrigerate several rooms with only one equipment because the expense will be higher and the temperature reached will not be the most adequate either.

Attention to the thermostat. Putting the air thermostat at a suitable temperature is one of the gestures with which you can obtain higher savings. In the IDAE consider that in summer, when wearing fewer clothes and being lighter, the comfort temperature of a house is 26ºC.

Turn on the air only when necessary. Sometimes, by habit, the first thing you do when you get home is to put the air conditioning. If the goal is to spend less, in the days not too hot, you can choose other alternatives.

Turn off the computer for a while before leaving. If you leave the room for a long time or go outside, it is best to remove the air conditioning in advance. The fresco will remain in the room for ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. If it goes out just at the moment of leaving, that time will have been wasted, and energy will have been spent inefficiently.

Do not leave it on by mistake. Although it seems obvious, some people forget to turn off the air conditioning. Although every time it is a less frequent oversight due to the high price that electricity reaches, it is a failure that occasionally continues to occur.

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