What Is The Indicated Height To Install The Television?

How many televisions are in your home? Nowadays it is common to have more than one, being mostly of the flat screen, LCD, LED or Smart-TV. Now, how are they positioned? This is a question that you may not have asked yourself, but its relevance may surprise you.

Adjusting the screen to a correct location can improve your experience as a viewer. At the same time, it will help you prevent health complications, derived from a bad position. If you desire to know more, continue reading this article and find out how to install your television.

The height of your TV

There is not an agreement in the medical group about what is the indicated altitude to install the television, because this will depend on the inches of the screen. However, it is noted that this should be, at least, between 85 to 100 centimeters from the ground, so that it is at the level where the eyes are when we are sitting (or lying down, if it is a bedroom). Putting it too high or too low is detrimental since the sight must deviate more than usual, increasing the chances of developing diseases to the retina or the cornea, and weakening, in general, the visual capacity.

A way to know if the position of your TV on the floor is correct is sitting straight in front of him and closing your eyes for a few moments. Search (with your eyes still closed) for your sight to be centered and then open them slowly, without moving them. If the center of your LED TV android is above or below that point, you may have to adjust it a bit.

Generally, the use of furniture as a TV closet, allows you to locate the artifact just at the recommended height so as not to damage your eyes. Also, you can have other decorative objects around, which will make your space look even more pleasant.

The distance between your TV

While this factor will depend on your visual acuity, it is essential to take some considerations. Your TV should be located at a distance where you can see details without straining your eyes because being too close could damage them. Lighting is also important when installing the television. If the room is completely dark, you probably do not see with the same efficiency that you would with the light on, as the retina will not be sufficiently stimulated to perceive details.

The angle of your TV

Ideally, you should locate yourself on the exact front of your screen, to see without generating visual impairment. However, this almost never happens if we have family or a group of friends with the same desire to watch high definition LED TV. In that case, the viewing angle of those who are not seated directly to the screen, should not be greater than 30 ° from the center. Have you noticed how the side seats are less used in the cinema? It is for the same reason: forcing the eyes to the side can be harmful to the eyes.

As you can see, installing the TV is not a fancy task. You must choose the place very well so that sharing a movie, program or game with your loved ones is a great experience!

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