What Is An Inverter Split System, Its Features And Types?

It is no longer a secret that global warming is occurring around the globe and the temperature is changing. And then the summer comes! Today we do not imagine living in the summer in our own homes or apartments without air conditioners that cool the air in the premises. But with each year the technologies are being improved, and new devices and different devices are appearing, and the climate technology market is no exception.

In the latter demand is used split-system. There are various types of these devices with their characteristics. We will try to tell you about the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India.

Types of split systems

Depending on the localization of the indoor unit, the following types of this climate technology are distinguished:

  1. Columnar- This type is used in public places, for example, in supermarkets, banquet or exhibition halls. The structure resembles a column equipped with blinds, thanks to which it is possible to control and adjust the air flow. The power of such devices ranges from 5 kW to 14.5;
  2. Wall- The best option for homes and apartments. When installing a split system on the wall, electrical wires and pipes are mounted under the ceiling. Power of the device up to 5 kW;
  3. Outdoor- ceiling type. It is possible to vary the installation of the system, either on the floor or the ceiling. This kind can regulate a massive flow of air, and most importantly this air conditioner evenly distributes the airflow throughout the entire area of the room;
  4. Cassette or channel. It is installed in vast halls, including shopping, play, and entertainment rooms. Their advantage lies in the possible additional connection of the duct system, which allows such a climatic device to cope with powerful air currents easily. The column type is similar in power to a cassette or channel system since they are analog.


Many people, when buying a less power consumption air conditioner, do not fully understand the difference between a conventional device and an inverter. For continuous operation of the invention, the developers came up with fascinating detail, the so-called inverter, which can convert an alternating electric current- into a direct current, respectively, and vice versa. Thanks to the inverter, it is possible to adjust the operation of the climate technology smoothly. It is the inverter system, correctly interacting with the compressor, which can affect the change in its rotation frequency.

In the inverter split system, a specialized microprocessor is mounted, as well as several additional sensors, which is not in the technique of a non-inventor type.

Advantages of inverter split systems

It’s safe to say that an inverter split system has many more benefits than a conventional air conditioner. They include the following:

  • Strict maintenance of the selected temperature;
  • Constant provision of comfortable microclimate;
  • Reduction of electricity consumption. The studies have proved that the savings are about 30%;

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