Should You Purchase A Split AC Or A Window Air Conditioner Brands In India

If you are majorly torn between buying these two air conditioner brands in India and wondering which AC is best window or split, let’s find out.

The Price Difference

Regarding the price point, there is a considerable difference between split ac and window ac, two air conditioner brands in India. A window ac is cheaper. A window AC’s maintenance is also much cheaper than a split AC. But cost disparity is for a reason. While a split AC costs almost double a window AC, with the same cargo, a split AC can cool a bigger room. It would help if you also considered various other factors apart from the price points.

Electricity Consumption

To begin with, energy consumption depends upon the appliance’s star rating. You cannot compare a 3-star split to a 5-star window air conditioner. Irrespective of the cooling system, 5-star air conditioning is more energy-efficient than a 3-star one. However, a split air conditioner is more effective than a window air conditioner when rated cooling is concerned. Furthermore, non-inverter models don’t seem to be as forgiving as inverter models. Additionally, when a cooling system ages, its efficiency decreases. A lack of upkeep causes it to deteriorate as well.

Maintenance Cost

To begin with, window ACs is much easier to install than split ACs, and the former is easily portable. Split AC requires wall mounting and external space for the outdoor unit. Window ACs is simple machines. They require a window space to be installed, have no external units, and can be moved easily. Due to their simple machines, they also do not need very expensive maintenance. Whereas split ACs need regular maintenance, and the maintenance also costs more.

Noise emitted

One major difference is the noise. A split AC does not make that much noise as the compressor is in the outside unit, not causing any noise disturbance inside the room. The window AC makes much more noise because of the noise caused by the compressor, which is housed inside a single unit. Whenever the compressor is on, it makes a loud noise, which can be quite inconvenient for long use.

Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner

Even though both split and window air conditioners have effective cooling capabilities, cargo and other factors also have a significant role. Because they are installed high on the wall, split air conditioners are intended to cool larger spaces. They are made to move air in smaller, enclosed places effectively. Additionally, compared to window air conditioners, they come in higher tonnage. With window ACs, however, such is not the case.


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