How Split Air Conditioner Price and monthly Expenses might affect you?

How Split Air Conditioner Price and monthly Expenses might affect you

The most prevalent kind of cooling equipment, split air conditioners are present in almost all homes. Since it is less expensive and easier to install, it is widely used. But if you’re thinking about getting one, you should be aware of the split air conditioner price as well as its other charges, especially those that will become a regular part of your life and happen every month. Interested? Let’s go over some of the additional costs and hidden fees that you can encounter when buying an air conditioner.

The Standard Unit

Split air conditioners are quieter than window air conditioners since the noise-making equipment is located outside the room. Unlike window air conditioners, these devices come in a variety of cooling capacities, but their size isn’t inversely correlated with them. This is due to the fact that the outdoor unit has a larger cooling system than the indoor unit, which has a smaller cooling system. The cooling capacities of split air conditioners in India today range from 0.75 to 4.5 tonnes.

We’ll presume for the sake of this essay that your air conditioner meets the criteria listed above.

Service Cost

  • Depending on whether your computer is still covered by warranty, the cost of service varies. The compressor is the most expensive part to service after the air conditioner itself. Compressors from the majority of manufacturers have a 5-year warranty. If your compressor malfunctions after the guarantee have passed, you could be out anywhere from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 8000.
  • The second most expensive component of maintaining an air conditioner is the cooling gas. As previously mentioned, the gas is pumped through copper tubes that are prone to corrosion. The copper tubes are likely to rust and break if you reside somewhere like Mumbai, where the humidity is considerable. There will be less cooling as a result, and eventually none at all. For a cost ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 700, a local AC mechanic can repair the tubes. You’ll then need to top off the compressor’s gas tank. About Rs. 2500 would buy you a 1-ton air conditioner. The warranties of the vast majority of brands exclude this.

Monthly Electricity Cost

  • Most buyers of air conditioners don’t consider the price of power. In this case, star ratings are significant, and you must choose wisely. As was previously said, the electricity bill decreases as the star rating increases. The most energy-efficient air conditioners are inverter models. The following is a list of the approximate electricity costs for homes and businesses.

Household Costs (Runs 3-4 Hours/Day)

If you purchase a 1-ton air conditioner and use it for roughly 4 hours each day, your monthly electricity bill will be close to Rs. 620. This is a preliminary estimate based on the Rs. 4 per unit price of electricity in your region. A 1.5-ton air conditioner would have a monthly electricity bill of about Rs. 920 if the same factors were taken into account. The cost will go down if you select a machine with a higher star rating and vice versa.

Office costs (7-8 hours each day)

Commercial spaces have a different cost of power per unit than residential ones. If the AC runs for about 8 hours per day, the cost per month for a 1-ton machine would be Rs. 1,382. The same numbers as before show that a 1.5-ton system will cost you Rs. 2,073 per month. A 2-ton split air conditioner price typically costs around Rs. 2,880 per month. This time, there is no mention of a star rating because it is for an air conditioner. If you buy an air conditioner with a higher rating, the costs will be lower.


There is no better time than right now to go choose the ideal cooling device for your home or place of business because the sun is getting ready to soar as summer approaches. To find the split air conditioner price that best meets your needs, compare the prices of our INTEC models to those of competing brands.

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