Maintain your air conditioner on time and be summer ready

After those pleasant times of the winters, it is now time to brace ourselves against the wrath of summers. That is right! Summer season is grueling and excruciating for many of us. Needless to say, you will be needing air conditioners from the best air conditioner brand in India to beat the heat. But if you have an already installed air conditioner then you have to make sure it fails without any fail or technical glitch. In this write-up, we will discuss how you can be summer ready and maintain your Intec air conditioner.

Some useful tips to keep your air-conditioners up and running:

  • Clear the air filters- A clean air conditioner gives you clean air as well as its longevity is greatly increased with on-time cleanings. The air filter is a vital component of an ac. Hence, you need to clean them up regularly so that the airflow is clean from dust and dirt. Moreover, the air filters get clogged after a few months of use. The best way to clean the air filter is by removing them from the main unit and flushing all the dirt out with warm water.


  • Check for leakages– Since the primary task of all the best air conditioner brands in India is to keep the temperature low in your living and bedroom, it must be ensured that there is no leakage. Not only does the leakage reduce efficiency, but it also leads to more consumption of electricity which will add to your expenses. Do not use ac with leakage for a prolonged time as it can damage your ac.


  • Unclog the ac drain pipe– The AC drain pipes remove moisture from the AC’s indoor unit. This can lead to problems like standing water and moldy smell. Even when you have a cleaner drain pipe, it must be made a fixture that you clean the drain pipe after every month or two. It would be even better if you clean them up at the start of the summer season to enjoy fresh and cool air all throughout the season.


  • Clean the outer unit– Once the ac drain pipe and air filters are taken care of, it is the outer unit that needs the same amount of cleaning. The outer unit is usually located outside the window or on the terrace. It has a condenser coil and a fan. As it is exposed out in the open, they tend to get dirty easily for almost the entire year. Therefore, you need to clean off the dust, debris, and other rudiments of dirt that may affect the cooling process of the ac.

Aside from these major works that you need to do for a clean ac, it is important that operate the ac at the correct temperature. Oftentimes, it has been seen that people set the temperature of ac to as low as 18 degrees. Even the ac of the best air conditioner brand in India may incur a high electricity bill on you due to such rough use. Moreover, the power ministry of the country has recommended that the air conditioners be set at a temperature level of 24 degrees. To manage power consumption further, it is advised that you switch between ceiling fans and air conditioners which would not just sustain the cooling but also add longevity to the air conditioner’s hardware.

Here’s how you can choose the best air conditioner this season

Here’s how you can choose the best air conditioner this season

The unforgiving season of summer is just around the corner and a mere ceiling fan simply won’t cut it for combating the heat. As the soaring temperature makes us lose all our fluid, we crave refuge in the comfort of an air-conditioner. Ideally, one would simply buy any air-conditioner of their choice. But here is the catch; the market is seeing a deluge of home appliance manufacturers that claim to be top home appliance brands in India. Therefore we are to tell you how to choose the best air-conditioner for this season.

  • Choose the right type of air conditioner- Different households and commercial establishments have their own choices and priorities for air conditioners. For smaller spaces that need cool and conditioned air, a window ac from the window air conditioner manufacturers in India is more feasible. For spaces that are relatively big, split air conditioners should be preferred due to their high capacity. Window ACs do not lead to space constraints and split air conditioners should be the choice for joint families with bigger living rooms.
  • AC capacity-This must be noted under all circumstances as the capacity of the ac can give you the intensity of cooling you prefer on a sultry day. While there is nothing wrong with buying bigger air conditioners, you should be wary of the electric consumption. In all the home appliances brands in India, there is an Energy star rating. So be sure to check the energy star rating and the approximate hours in a day for which the ac shall be in use.
  • Hygienic air flow- As the pollution level continues to mount in the air, the need for purified air is also in focus. The spread of bacteria can cause a lot of allergies and infections due to which one may not have a pleasant experience spending time in an air-conditioned room. Therefore, to get rid of such health hazards, you need to pick an ac that has anti-bacterial filters to auto-clean functions and copper coils. They must also have a dehumidifier which gets rid of the extra moisture in the air during the monsoon season.
  • Timers in the ac- One of the ignored features in ac is the timer which adds to the energy efficiency of your ac. With the help of a timer, you can set the ac to function for a given period of time following which it gets turned off automatically. By any chance or a mistake, if you chose an ac low on energy efficiency and high on maintenance cost, this feature from the window air conditioner manufacturers in India can be your savior.
  • Inverter and non-inverter ac- Both inverter and non-inverter ac are available from the house of window air conditioner manufacturers in India. To sum it up, the inverter converts the direct current into the alternating current. The only handicap of the non-inverter ac the fixed speed of running. Though the inverter ACs are on the higher side of price, they are your best bet to beat the heat.

In conclusion, it has to be understood that the Indian summer lasts longer than other seasons and leaves people exhausted due to the heat. Choose an air-conditioner that ticks all the boxes mentioned above. As one of the reputed window air conditioner manufacturers in India,  Intec is one company you can trust this summer. With our best-in-line home appliance products designed and built for years, you’re set to experience the most worthy shopping experience. Get set to welcome the grueling heat with our range of air conditioners and make your house an oasis of relief.

What is the Most Efficient Air Conditioning?

How to know what is the adequate air conditioning for your home if you do not know the different options that are in the market?

When buying air conditioning online, it is important to know its characteristics, the variety of alternatives that are marketed and of course, the specific air conditioning needs that your home presents.

Today we help you with a part of this task, explaining what types of air conditioning there are and which one is the most efficient.

What is the most efficient air conditioning?

Now that you know the different kinds of air conditioning in the market, you surely want us to tell you what we promised: which of them is the most efficient? But in this case, we must tell you that the answer is not so simple.

All air conditioning equipment are largely powered by electricity. The consumption that each Less Power Consumption Air Conditioner makes of that energy is what will tell us how efficient the unit is.

less power consumption air conditioner

For some time now, for the practicality of the user in this sense, the energy label has been incorporated into the different household appliances, including air conditioners. This element gives the consumer specific information on the energy efficiency of each device, such as air conditioning.

There are currently 7 efficiency classes, which are identified by a color code and letters, finding those ranging from green and letter A for the most efficient equipment, to the red color and the letter G for the systems less efficient.

That is one of the ways to know when buying air conditioning online how efficient is the equipment you are going to acquire.

Air Conditioner Inverter

Why cannot we tell you that the ducted air conditioner is more efficient than the split or that the portable air conditioner is more efficient than the window air conditioner? Because energy efficiency is not subject to a model, but to a specific technology.

Although until a few years ago all the air conditioners that were on the market were fixed speed, fortunately, that has changed thanks to the Inverter technology.

The Inverter technology applied to air conditioning has come for increasing energy efficiency, with lower consumption.

This is achieved thanks to the fact that the air conditioning Inverter is able to regulate the speed of the compressor, so that it decreases its speed without stopping, in order to maintain the desired temperature, but at a minimum speed, which reduces the consumption of the compressor. Energy.

In this way, the Inverter technology makes the compressor of lowest power consumption air conditioner in India work at a more constant speed, enabling savings of up to 40% compared to other systems. Thus, the energy expenditure is proportional to the required cooling capacity, which allows to achieve greater comfort and extend the life of the compressor, since it does not have to work at full power, all the time.

In summary, if you are looking to buy air conditioning online that prioritizes energy efficiency, Inverter equipment is the solution you need.