What Size and Type of Screen is Ideal For Your Room?

Nowadays, the consumer, spoiled by the abundance of models of TV sets with some incredible amount of possibilities, is rushing about in an attempt to find “LED TV at lowest price in Delhi”. It’s easier when you do not know about technical intricacies and marketing tricks – then you think “pennies” in your wallet and choose what is bigger or “which neighbor bought and is happy with.” Harder, when you start to think about the country of origin, the history of the brand, to study the manufacturers of components etc.

So, the first question is where the TV will be installed and what size it will be

This device is part of the interior, so it is worth keeping the harmony of the dwelling (if it is) and not spoiling it by an alien object. So, we decide: it will be a kitchen, living room, children’s room or other room. Depending on where the TV will be, the criteria for its selection will differ.

The primary condition – the size of the room, from which you can calculate the appropriate screen size. The classical formula is a coefficient of 2.5-3, multiplied by the diagonal size in centimeters. After the calculations, we get the distance from the viewer to the TV screen. For example, when buying a TV receiver with a diagonal of 50 inches (127 cm), the sofa should be about 3.8 meters away from it to be comfortable. It is believed that for large rooms are suitable TVs with a diagonal of 40-46 inches and for the kitchen, and children’s room – with a diagonal of 24-32 inches.

Screen resolution

Before buying with best LED TV manufacturer in India, it’s worth taking into account the source of the signal. If it is a question of telecasts, it is necessary to specify in what format and by what channels they are supplied by your operator. “Digital” in standard resolution looks good on a large screen with Full HD, “ether” or “cable” TV almost certainly will not look so hot.

Given all trends, the minimum for a TV with a diagonal of more than 40 inches is the Full HD resolution. Optimum – 4K (if the financial issue is not too acute, or we are talking about a TV set with a very large diagonal). For small diagonals – up to 32 inches – the resolution can be anything.

Screen Technology

Now, if we talk about the long term, it’s the choice for OLED. But also it is necessary to evaluate the possibilities of color rendering of the matrix: in particular, color, brightness, and contrast. Manufacturers recently succeeded in the development of technologies, which guarantee almost ideal indicators for these parameters.

Smart Features

When choosing the “home” TV, you must pay attention to the presence of SMART TV. Firstly, an “intelligent” TV set can demonstrate virtually any video content from a wide range of devices. Secondly, it is an opportunity to use streaming services – online cinemas, IPTV. Also, SMART TV means the ability to use additional applications – from weather forecasting to e-mail and access to the Internet via a web browser.

What You Need To Know About 4k Ultra HD TV

Even a while back, 4K TV could not really invoke curiosity among the TV buyers in India. Besides, the LED TVs had a fair run in the market back in the day. But the scenario and market demand turned quickly in favor of 4K televisions available with ultra HD feature. The biggest takeaway? A significant drop in price that made more and more people geared toward this television that provides entertainment in manifold ways.

But if you happen to be one of those skeptical customers who wouldn’t be willing to spend even a dime before doing thorough research, here is what you need to know about 4K ultra HD TV.

What’s a 4K TV?

Televisions generate pictures made of pixels or little dots. These little dots of light merge together to form TV picture. Now comes the number crunching game. Any conventional TV from the led tv brand in delhi comes with the resolution profile of 1080 vertical columns and 1920 horizontal rows of pixels to yield clear pictures. But the number goes significantly higher in ultra HD 4K televisions at 3840 by 2160 pixels i.e. 3840 horizontal columns and 2160 vertical rows. As a result, you would enjoy a much detailed and Continue reading

Want The Best Image Quality- Trust the Latest LED TVs

In the market, there are two different TV panels in the high range: OLED and LCD IPS. If OLED technology is affordable for you, then you can enjoy the best quality of high definition LED TV that exists in the market.

What is OLED technology?

OLED is the acronym for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, which should not be confused with LED LCD panels that you have seen in stores and supermarkets in recent years. What’s more, stop calling the LED TVs, please. LED is just panel lighting, something that the manufacturers, masters of marketing, named as if it were a revolution.

An OLED TV panel uses an entirely different technology, and the panel is composed of an organic material that emits light when the electric current passes through it. In that sense, OLED is more similar to a plasma, where the panel also self-illuminates.

The LCD panels (include all IPS and LED illuminated) need an illumination, which is now LED so that the pixels are illuminated. In OLED TVs each Continue reading

Six Features of Smart LED TV


The new era of television sets represents an all new experience of connectivity and interactivity for consumers, who can use, two  most used tools: television and Internet access in a single device,

If you plan to buy a smart LED TV in Delhi or want to get the most out of this gadget, the specialists will tell you what options these devices offer. Remember that the names of the applications or tools and the options vary by brand.

  1. In general, with Smart TV, consumers have the possibility to share multimedia content through, for example, the DNLA (network alliance for digital lifestyle) and access to Internet-based content, Such as videos, photos, audio, and Internet TV channels. Also, it is possible to use mobile applications that allow sending content from the smart cell, as well as to program the channels that the user wants to see or record. Checking the mail and tracking social networks are also some of the alternatives offered by these televisions.
  2. In addition to Internet access, these devices have the common denominator; they have a desktop like computers, a home screen that can be customized and offer the possibility of creating several sessions for each member of the family. They also have access to applications such as Netflix or YouTube.
  3. Some models of top LED TV brand in India have advanced technology to control the device through gestures and even the voice.
  4. Buy a smart LED TV in Delhi and download video games of the desired choice. Also, they provide the option to play online simultaneously.
  5. Top LED TV brand in India provide access to Bluetooth; you can easily share the sound wirelessly. For example, if you watch a match and do not want to lose detail, you can connect the TV to the sound while the video plays on the screen.
  6. In the market, there are smart TVs that have the 4K technology. This provides an image whose resolution is four times higher than the one known in the market as High Definition or Full HD. When choosing a LED TV at the lowest price in Delhi, it is advisable to consider that the screen includes the following aspects: Intuitive system easy to handle, integrated Wi-Fi, HTML 5 navigation platform. Since previously it was navigated with Flash platform and that limited the number of pages to which had access, super bright screen because it optimizes the sharpness and clarity of the image.

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