When to Switch to a New Good Quality Air Conditioner Brands In India?

Beginning with the very first time it is turned on, your air conditioner endures cumulative wear and tear over the course of its lifetime.

Your air conditioner may gradually lose cooling capacity as a result of wear and tear from frequent use and the aging of its numerous components.

If your air conditioner is getting older, you might find that it struggles to effectively cool your home on the warmest summer days and even takes longer on days when it’s only fairly hot outdoors.

If this is happening to your system, you should consider replacing it as soon as you can.


If you’re one of the many families who are still using their older models and are seeking a good reason to switch to a Top air conditioner brand in India, have a look at these reasons why it’s best to get rid of your old air conditioner.

  1. As it ages, your air conditioner may also develop other problems in addition to slow performance. Furthermore, if you haven’t been performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner, unexpected malfunctions may start to occur more regularly. As more and more of the old parts in your air conditioner get closer to failing, the likelihood of a sudden breakdown increases.
  2. In the end, it’s a gamble to keep an old air conditioner running. It could run smoothly for the next year or two with few, if any, problems, or it could stop working out of the blue in the middle of a scorching summer day. If you don’t want to take a chance, your only option might be to replace the AC completely.
  3. Additionally, maintaining an old air conditioner could occasionally be expensive. If you choose to patch up an old AC system that is much past its anticipated service life, your overall repair cost might potentially climb by hundreds of dollars.
  4. Your first repair bill could increase for a variety of reasons. To start, your AC unit may need parts that are hard to find or are no longer produced, necessitating custom-built parts or parts that are as similar to the originals as possible. Furthermore, diagnosing and fixing older AC systems may take longer than diagnosing and fixing modern ones. Multiple components could fail at once, necessitating additional work and replacements.
  5. When the cost of maintaining your AC system on life support exceeds the cost of a newer, more robust model, it’s time to replace it.
  6. What was considered cutting-edge technology 15 or 20 years ago may seem quite old in comparison to today’s cutting-edge technology. Older air conditioners typically encounter this problem since the construction standards used in their manufacture are out-of-date. Even while they might have been energy-efficient at the time, older, more sophisticated air conditioners typically outperform them today. Thanks to developments in air conditioning technology, top air conditioner brands in India are today more energy-efficient than they ever were.
  7. Older AC units are frequently at a significant disadvantage in terms of energy efficiency due to the advent of ozone-friendly refrigerants, variable-speed blower fan motors, and superior compressor designs. Even if your current AC system is only ten years old, upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient one might help you save 20 to 40% on your home’s cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.



It’s not unusual for homes to have HVAC systems that are 20, 30, or even 40 years old. Despite the fact that most experts think an air conditioner should last for roughly 10 years, not every home has updated its cooling equipment at this time. As a result, these homes are prone to a range of cooling problems, which are frequently caused by an old air conditioner. The simple fix is to swap out an old air conditioner for a model from one of top air conditioner brands in india. Intec provides a range of products to help you get your home’s temperature back down. Purchase yours right away.


Best Reasons to Switch Old AC with New & Top Air Conditioner Brands In India

Your air conditioner experiences cumulative wear and tear over the course of its life beginning with the first time it is turned on. The wear and tear that your air conditioner endures can cause a progressive loss in cooling capacity as various AC components deteriorate from frequent use and ageing. If your air conditioner is getting older, you could discover that it takes longer to adequately chill your home on days when it’s only moderately hot outside and that it even struggles to do so when the summer sun is at its hottest. You should think about replacing your system as soon as you can if this is occurring to it.

Check out these five reasons why it’s best to get rid of your old air conditioner if you’re one of the many families who are still using their outdated models and are looking for a good cause to switch to a Top air conditioner brand in India.

Breakdowns Suddenly

Your air conditioner may experience other issues as it becomes older in addition to sluggish performance. Additionally, if you haven’t been keeping up with your air conditioning maintenance, sudden, unexpected breakdowns may start to happen more frequently. The likelihood of a sudden breakdown rises as more and more of the aged parts in your air conditioner approach the point of failure. When it comes down to it, hanging onto an outdated air conditioner is a gamble. It might function well for the next year or two with few, if any, issues, or it might suddenly fail in the middle of an extremely hot summer day. If you don’t want to take a chance, a complete AC replacement might be your only choice.

The Repairs expense

In addition, keeping an ageing air conditioner might occasionally come with sticker shock. Your final repair price might easily increase by hundreds of dollars if you decide to patch up an ageing AC system that is much past its expected service life.

There are many things that could cause your first repair bill to skyrocket. To begin with, your AC unit can require parts that are either difficult to locate or are no longer manufactured, necessitating custom-built parts or parts that are as identical to the originals as possible. Additionally, it may take longer to diagnose and fix older AC systems than modern ones. Several components may malfunction simultaneously, requiring more effort and replacements.

You’ll know it’s time to replace your AC system when the cost of keeping it on life support is greater than the cost of a newer, more durable model.

Why Should One Only Buy From The Best Air Conditioner Brand In India?

AC becomes more than just a luxury. As summer approaches, the majority of people would be tempted to either get a new air conditioning system or have their current one serviced. However, there is one thing you should never forget: only purchase best air conditioner brand in India. Why? Before making a purchase, please be sure to read the following information.

Why Go With Quality Brand?

Numerous companies manufacture air conditioners, some of which are well-known and vintage and others which are more recent and obscure. Even while personal preference is a factor in this choice, there are times when you must compare various brands objectively. Because they’ve had good luck with other home appliances, most individuals, for instance, would choose a particular brand (Samsung, for instance) (like televisions).

Therefore, one must and should only select the best air conditioner brand in India based on these parameters.

The initial price of the air conditioner was

The cost of replacement components

The cost of maintenance Service locations that is reasonably close to your home

Factors That Premium Brand Help You Solve

Let’s look at some of the additional information you need to know in order to make a wise choice..

  1. Where you want to put the air conditioner should be your first consideration. This will determine the type and size of air conditioner you need. Window-type air conditioning works best in a space with a small window. A split air conditioner is more cost-effective if you have a room without a window, though, given the cost of installation. However, you also need to think about the area outside the room where the external unit will be installed.
  2. It’s also a good idea to consider how the air will flow through the space. One strategy is to open the door and let air enter the room from the inside out. This ensures that the atmosphere stays cool.
  3. Comparatively speaking, split air conditioners are much quieter than window air conditioners. The exterior unit houses the fan and compressor. If the external unit is placed away from the outside wall of the room, noise levels can be reduced. The price of installing ductwork and wiring may go up as a result, though.
  4. Because an air conditioner is a home accessory intended to complement your decor, great thought should go into its design. Home automation is used by certain people. Wi-Fi connectivity is available on these air conditioners. As a result, they are now able to host a few more features. Since most air conditioners are white, they can be placed in the majority of rooms. An air conditioner with a design may look better in rooms with dark colours. For rooms with light colour schemes, a white one should do. Consider additional functions that come with the air conditioner as well to determine whether they meet your demands.


With the knowledge provided above, we hope you can see how crucial it is to get the top air conditioner brand in India. Choose the high-quality air conditioners from Intec today if you’re prepared to improve the level of comfort in your home.



Do All Branded Air Conditioners Have Heat Pumps?

The air conditioning has been gaining ground in the land of household appliances to become one of our favorites. It refreshes us if it is hot, it shelters us if it is cold and purifies the air of the home always. However, it is an important purchase that we must make conscientiously, analyzing which are the best brands of air conditioning and which are the models that best adapt to the needs of our family.

The air conditioning of your home is something significant to you, right? It is normal. Like everyone else, you want to give your family the best quality of life.

We all remember the window air conditioner brand in India when the warmer months arrive, and often do not meditate well when buying a device to help us acclimatize our home.

We only think about summer, and we should also think about winter. Thus, we would avoid having to resort to other alternative systems to heat our home in the cold months.

Is there a solution for it? Of course, there is: the heat pump

This is what we meant when we said how important it is to meditate well when buying an air conditioner in India. Many times you get carried away by the classic need to fight the heat, and you acquire a device that only gives you cold.

There is your mistake. Why? Just because nowadays you can find in the market brands like Mitsubishi Electric that manufacture air conditioners that have a heat pump. In fact today all air conditioning models usually carry heat pump.

What is the heat pump?

It consists of reversing the refrigeration cycle, making the unit that is Continue reading

Does Ductless System Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Those exceedingly long days when you deal with the wrath of heat and often end up being exhausted are back again. The summer season can unnerve many people to the point that they resort to confining themselves indoors. Even if that is the case, the relief may not be as expected since Indian summers can be extremely grueling. People can hardly get any kind of cooling from the average fans or coolers. This is precisely the reason as to why we see people are rushing to buy air conditioners from the best split air conditioner manufacturer in India.

Beyond the cooling credentials of an air conditioner

It is true and obvious that most of us would first see whether we can buy less power consumption air conditioner at low prices. Cooling is definitely the priority but we must also focus on buying air conditioners that improve the air quality whilst we spend maximum time in our hall or bedroom.

Therefore, the leading brands like intec appliances have been focussing on the ductless system in the conventional HVAC system. As opposed to the air conditioners in the past that had the annoying drawback of picking up of the motor and being unable to filter the air by blocking the dust particles in the central unit, the ductless system improves air quality.

What are ductless systems?

As the name implies, the ductless systems are total cooling system minus the duct network. Due to this virtue of not releasing air from the ducts, these ductless system AC’s indoor air handles is fixed directly on the wall of your living space and blows air directly to your rooms. The ductless system uses a relatively less power consuming mechanism that is both easy on the electricity and maintenance bills.

Advantages of ductless system air conditioners

It has now become crystal clear that most of the leading air conditioner manufacturer companies in India are leaning on producing a ductless system of air conditioner as they can prolong the durability of the operating mechanics as well as provide clean and fresh air indoors. In a country like India where people battle with the health hazards of air pollution, it is more than a necessity to have a cooling system that warrants some relief on health grounds. A ductless system in the air conditioners eliminates the chances of leaking duct that can pollute the air supplied indoors and may also create other biohazards in your vicinity. On installation and maintenance front, the ductless air conditioners are less fussy and can provide respiratory benefits to children who tend to spend more time in a room with air-conditioned comfort. Hence it’s time you picked your favorite from the top air conditioner brands in India.

In a largely competitive and consumerist market like India, people are spoilt for choices to buy the electronic appliance of their choice. Despite such stiff competition, intec home appliances have carved a niche for themselves by presenting less power consumption air conditioner with superlative performance. From starting off in the northern region of the country, Intec has now spread the “joy of technology” to other parts of the country as well.


How to Choose Efficient Split Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners were considered as an icon of luxury a few decades back, but now it has become a basic necessity for almost every household. Technically putting, an air conditioner is an electronic appliance to restrict the temperature by dropping the humidity. The working of an AC is quite similar to that of a refrigerator. An air conditioner pulls out the heat from the room using a refrigeration cycle to keep the environment cool and fresh.

Almost every type of air conditioners works in the same way regardless of their shape and size. The most favorite among the air conditioners available on the market is referred to as a split system air conditioner. In this type of air conditioners, the compressor is installed inside the house whereas the condenser remains outside and they are attached by means of refrigerant pipes. The clamor produced in case of split air conditioners is very low as compared to its other opponent. The split air conditioner mounted on a wall has a rotary compressor, which forces cold air into the room. Here are some of the peculiarities related with split ACs:

How to Choose Efficient Split Air Conditioner

Continue reading