Tips for Choosing a Good and Durable high definition LED TV

Technology continues to develop without ever stopping in human life. A technology that is considered advanced in its time, will feel ancient when there is more modern technology.

The development of this technology also touched television. If 10-15 years ago tube TVs were still widely sold in shops selling electronic goods, now most of them have been replaced with LED (light-emitting diode) TVs and the credit goes to LED TV manufacturers in India.

If you really want to replace your old TV with a high definition LED TV, there are some tips for choosing an LED TV that you should pay attention to. Let’s see together.

  1. Offered Price

If the decision to replace the old TV with an LED TV is solid, then start by conducting a price survey.

Don’t be immediately tempted by the cheap prices offered before you, you should check the same product at another store. It could be that the price offered by the shop next door turned out to be cheaper.

Do the comparison calmly, there is no need to rush. The difference of a few thousand rupees is also quite profitable for you. Therefore, do this price evaluation with an observant and selective approach.

Also consider the purchase program that one store offers with another. Usually, large electronics stores will offer low prices during certain periods, such as Independence Day or towards the end of the year.But still, always do a comparison to get the best price.

  1. TV Specifications and Features

After choosing the LED TV with the best offer price, check the specifications and features it has. Make sure you do a price comparison on the same TV series and brand.

Different series, even though the brand is the same, will usually have different features and specifications. And of course, the prices are different.

You have to understand the features available in an LED TV. The more features the TV has, the more the price will be.

Take for example, an LED TV that is classified as a smart TV will definitely be sold more expensive than a regular LED TV. Because a smart TV does need more and more sophisticated components than a regular LED TV.

  1. TV resolution

The main advantage of LED TVs compared to tube TVs is that they have a much higher image sharpness ratio.

As compared to LCD TVs, LED TVs have a much higher ratio. Therefore pay attention to these points when you choose an LED TV.

LED TV picture resolution will reach millions. This means the level of image sharpness is very good. Make sure the LED TV you choose already has a full HD 1080p resolution.This is to ensure that the LED TV purchased will present a sharp and clear picture.

It would be even better if this high resolution is equipped with digital support features. Thus, you can also enjoy digital shows that have sharper images and are free from wobbles like images captured using an analog system.

  1. Connectivity

Next, pay attention to the connectivity of the LED TV. As a TV with advanced technology, LED TV is certainly not only used to watch television broadcasts.

It can be used to watch videos, play games, become a computer monitor screen, and it can even be used as a means of watching Youtube from a cellphone followed by a TV.

To be able to watch videos, the available slots are no longer the usual AV (audio-video), but must already have an HDMI slot.This slot is a must if you want to watch videos with blue ray technology or play console games.

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