Wall Air Conditioning, Advantages That Fly With Fresh Wind

If there is an issue that concerns us when we are going to buy an air conditioner, what type of air conditioning do we need? The supply of equipment in the market is increasingly extensive. Thanks to the research and innovation work that home appliances brands in India develops, we must know very well what type of air conditioning is the most appropriate to solve our need for air conditioning.

You have to take into account aspects such as:

  • What room do you need to air condition?
  • How much the device consumes
  • Is it for domestic use or commercial use?
  • Do you have pre-installation for air conditioning at home or in the office?
  • With heat pump?
  • Are there allergies at home? Any sick person in the respiratory system?
  • What level of noise?

Types of air conditioning

Mural Split: The equipment you need if you want to have air conditioning or heating in one room. It is an affordable and straightforward way to solve your air conditioning problem in a single place. The team is made up of two units: interior and exterior.

Split Cassette: Your solution if you are looking to heat up shops and offices with removable roofs: false ceilings, carvings, etc. Its installation is straightforward and it is a very silent air conditioning.

Floor-ceiling:  Your ideal equipment when you do not have too much space to place units on the top of the wall. It is situated about 10 cm. Ground. Perfect for commercial premises or rooms where more power is needed, and it is more efficient to place it on the ceiling.

Laptops: It is a comfortable solution but not recommended if a lasting solution is sought. It works for any home and does not need installation. It can go with or without a heat pump.

Evaporative air conditioners:  Similar to portable equipment. It is also a temporary and circumstantial solution.

Multi-split: Just as the split was the perfect solution for air conditioning a single room, the multi-split is the best system for air conditioning rooms independently. It admits multiple combinations.

Conduits:  is the most common solution in new homes that include pre-installation for ducts. A single unit distributes air through the rooms through grilles.

The ceiling air conditioner

Intec Smart AC

The ceiling air conditioning has become over time the most widespread format among ventilation systems, in homes, businesses, and offices, displacing the wall air conditioning formats to the background.

Now, we will concentrate on the modular air conditioning systems on the wall as they offer significant advantages. Keep reading this reasoned comment and maybe discover a potential that you did not know about them.

So, what are the advantages of a wall air conditioning system?

Let’s see some of its keys:

Energy saving: An Intec air conditioner does not require much energy to operate, especially when compared to one that works like a roof system. Like many appliances, they offer optimized energy efficiency formulas. On the other hand, having a wall conditioner allows you to choose which rooms you want to cool so that the energy expenditure will be focused only on the needs.

Intec AC

Simple maintenance: Heating and cooling systems, like all large installations, require maintenance and conservation. That is periodic and exhaustive cleaning, replacement of parts, regular inspections and others. As far as wall units are concerned, you only have to change the filters regularly and clean them as you clean an appliance.

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