Why You Should Not Buy or Use a Portable Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner, an appliance that some call simplistically “conditioner,” is a recent achievement in Italian homes, but it is a real blessing of modern times because it “saves” our wellbeing in the days of extreme heat. Likewise, it can heat the environment on winter days. Learning about the existing air conditioning models on the market, how they work and all the factors that must be taken into concern before the purchase is essential to choose the right model for your home, saving unnecessary expenses.

The air conditioning has gone from being a luxury to a necessity in most of our geography. The variety of models and prices has contributed to its use to achieve a social air conditioning.

However, this increase in its use has not been accompanied by proper information. This leads many consumers to choose window air conditioner brand in India that are not recommended. Below, we explain why the portable air conditioner does not offer the quality expected of this type of air conditioner, so you can make the best decision before buying.

Is portable air conditioning recommended?

If we take into account energy efficiency, durability, comfort, and even health, portable air conditioners are not recommended. Among its disadvantages are these five reasons:

  • High consumption: these devices usually have an electrical consumption that can vary between 1000 and 2000 kW / hour. Imagine the receipt that can arrive in the months of most significant use.
  • They always work to the maximum: another aspect that makes their use more expensive is that they do not have a technology that allows regulating the operation of the compressor. When the desired temperature is reached, they stop, and as soon as they change, they start working again at maximum power.
  • Excessive noise: compared to fixed appliances, laptops are not usually well designed acoustically to reduce noise emission. If you are watching TV, you will have to turn up the volume, so there will be even more noise at home. And to sleep are a real ordeal.
  • Unsightly outlet tube: to renew the air they need an outlet through a machine that must be taken outside. To be effective, a window, door or wall must be adapted to the exterior. The aesthetic result is unfortunate, and it is not always easy to do it well, so even the advantage of being portable is limited.
  • Its large size: most of these items are excessively large. It is difficult to move them and find an appropriate place in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen or in the workplace. Its ostentation is another disadvantage that makes them less portable than what is promised.

It is better to buy quality

In addition to the above disadvantages, portable computers often have filters and other components of low quality, which can be harmful to health if they are not changed frequently. On the other hand, despite their consumption, they are not always able to adequately heat the space where they are placed.

In summary, portable air conditioning is not recommended and leaves much to be desired when compared to the highest quality fixed equipment, such as those offered by the Intec home appliances . If you are going to spend in air conditioning, decide for quality and do not waste your money.

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