Wall-mounted Air Conditioner: How to choose the Air Conditioner best brand in India?

Wall-mounted Air Conditioner How to choose the Air Conditioner best brand in India

Installing air conditioning to cope with summer heatwaves is no longer an anecdote. More and more individuals are taking the plunge to contact air conditioner best brands in India tired of seeing their well-being and sleep affected. Some then opt for wall-mounted air conditioners, which are particularly efficient. Is this your project? Find out how to choose it, and how to install it.

What are the different types of wall-mounted air conditioning?

The wall-mounted air conditioning family includes different types of diffusers, most of which are reversible. Able to heat in winter and cool in summer, they often come in the form of vertical consoles, compact and discreet (comparable to radiators), or in the form of more imposing blocks.

Whatever they are, these systems can be monocles, splits, and even multi splits. Their particularities make their great differences:


  • Condensing unit and evaporator in the same device;
  • Rather heavy and bulky;
  • Sometimes high sound level;


  • Condensing unit outdoors, therefore, separated from the evaporator;
  • Important refrigeration connections;
  • Pipe required for the evacuation of condensates;


  • Fundamental characteristics identical to the split;
  • Several indoor units;

What are the best wall-mounted air conditioning brands?

Many top air conditioner brands in India share the air conditioner market. All offer high-quality products, but the most popular remain Intec.

Criteria for choosing a wall-mounted air conditioner

Are you considering installing air conditioning, but have no idea what to consider to make the right choice? Here they are!

  1. The power of the device

The air conditioner to be chosen must be adapted to the volume and various characteristics of the rooms to be air-conditioned. It involves, for example, taking into account the exposure of rooms to heat sources, their quality of insulation, the ambient humidity level, or even the height of their ceilings.

  1. Technologies and options

Manufacturers are constantly confronted with the technological challenges of their time. They are, then, able to offer devices that are full of innovations, such as:

  • noise reduction;
  • Ultra-low consumption;
  • Connectivity;
  • The ability to self-clean.
  1. Energy efficiency

Almost all air conditioners are equipped with an “energy label”. A true index of the energy performance of appliances, allows you to assess the potential savings – or expenses – linked to their use.

From the most efficient (A+++), to the least efficient (D), it is ideal to turn to the best ranked for long-term results knowing, of course, that the starting price remains a non-negligible component to consider.

  1. Ambient air treatment

Stationary air conditioners are able to cool and heat, and that’s already a lot. However, some go further and offer an array of air treatment and purification features. Among them, dehumidification, ionization, or electrostatic filtration features are also provided which eliminate dust and other domestic pollutants.

Are you looking for the best window air conditioner brand in India? Or do you want to purchase a split air conditioner to deal with the discomfort that heat brings? If yes, then we suggest you visit intec.co.in and make a purchase as soon as possible before the summer season arrives!

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