Want to cool your bedroom this summer? Here Are The Options You Can Choose From

Is the heat of summer nights preventing you from sleeping properly? Why not equip your bedroom with an air conditioning system offered by air conditioner brands in India to enjoy a breath of fresh air and finally be able to spend good nights?

What type of air conditioner in India should you choose, what power to choose and where to install it in your room? We will answer all your questions!

3 air conditioning units adapted to one bedroom

The indoor ambient temperature can make us see all the colors! In winter, we can have trouble sleeping when it’s cold, and conversely, the heat can easily keep us from falling asleep in summer.

Soon, we will witness hot summer weather, so it makes perfect sense to want to install an air conditioning system in your bedroom to be able to rest better in the event of tropical temperatures!

For this, the following 3 alternatives are considered to be particularly suitable:

  1. The mobile packaged air conditioner

On wheels, the one-piece air conditioner is a very simple extra solution to install and rather affordable in terms of price.

However, it does not have an outdoor unit, which means that all of its components are in a single indoor unit. This parameter then makes itrather noisy. It is, therefore, better to make sure to choose a function offering a “night” mode, a quieter option so as not to disturb your sleep.


  1. The split air conditioner

Very efficient in terms of cooling and quiet, the split wall air conditioner is an excellent option for a bedroom. It consists of an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit which ideally finds its place above the door to the room. However, this is an expensive solution that requires professional installation and commissioning.


  1. The multi-split air conditioner

Cousin of the split air conditioner, the multisplit consists of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. It is therefore perfect for cooling several bedrooms or several rooms in a house.

An additional advantage: each indoor unit is independent in terms of the temperature setting.


Where should the air conditioner be installed in a bedroom?

Ideally, the air conditioner should be as far from the bed as possible and near a window or door. In the case of a fixed installation at height, the top of the door is therefore a location of choice.

In order to promote the natural regulation of body temperature, 20°C ​​is the recommended ambient temperature in an adult bedroom.

In summary, the best choice of air conditioner for a room remains the split, or the multi-split, whose noise level does not exceed 40 decibels so as not to disturb your sleep, while offering you pleasant and effective cooling.

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