Protect Both Your Health and Budget with Top Air Conditioners in India

Depressing summer temperatures adversely affect working and living conditions. In this period, products of top air conditioner brands in India become indispensable in our homes and offices. So how is it possible to make this comfort long-lasting and efficient?

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

In order to extend the part and service life of your air conditioners and to achieve optimum efficiency with energy-saving, experts of air conditioner brands in India recommend that the annual maintenance and controls of your air conditioners be carried out regularly.

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Your air conditioner consists of two parts: the internal unit and the outdoor unit. Depending on the conditions of use, if you use air conditioning indoor unit maintenance and air conditioning outdoor unit maintenance at least 1 time per year, summer and winter intensively, you should have periodic maintenance done by authorized services before seasonal transitions 2 times a year. In case of failure and the need for air conditioning maintenance service services, authorized services must be hired.

In addition to general maintenance, you should clean the air conditioning indoor unit filter once a week during regular periods of use of air conditioning. This process is fairly easy maintenance that you can do alone.

What is Weekly Air Conditioning Care?

Weekly care is the general care that an amateur user must do once a week, which he or she can do in his home. What to do in weekly care can be listed as follows.

  • Filter cleaning
  • Control cleaning (wet cloth should not be used)
  • Cleaning of air intake grids
  • Eye control of the external unit

What is Annual Air Conditioning Care?

During seasonal transitions, authorized air conditioning service professionals must carry out extensive maintenance.

In this maintenance, both the air conditioning indoor unit and the air conditioning outdoor unit are completely overhauled and all elements affecting performance, health, and safety are checked.

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance: Air conditioning maintenance is carried out once a year in order to reduce the occurrence of failures in the air conditioner and to keep the operating efficiency of the system high. All faults except user and operating failures are repaired.

What is done in annual air conditioning maintenance?

  • Evaporator and condensate, special heat exchanger detergent, and pressure air and/or water cleaning
  • Control and completion of high and low-pressure values of the gas in the system
  • Electrical installation, V-vending machine, voltage, and current values control
  • Control of all socket connections and cable ports
  • Drainage pan and cleaning of the line
  • Cleaning of the fins of all fan propellers
  • Cleaning of air filters with special chemical
  • Performance control and voice control
  • Aesthetic image control

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Since the air circulation in non-maintained air conditioners will be less than the product being maintained, the internal unit will work longer to reach the set temperature. This will be reflected in the extra cost to the user’s electricity bill.

Periodic maintenance of air conditioners is essential for both healthy use and energy saving:

  • Unexpected failures are avoided; your device’s performance improves.
  • Fault costs are reduced, and the life of your device is extended.
  • Energy costs are reduced.
  • Clean indoor air is provided.

The possibility of uninterrupted use of your system increases; your air conditioning system provides “continuous comfort” as the probability of failure is minimized thanks to the periodic maintenance of your air conditioners.


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