Save Energy and Stay Cool with Top Air Conditioners in India

Top air conditioner brands in India provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat, but you may need to strike a delicate balance between your comfort preferences and your budget when deciding the temperature.

Simply put, the lower you set the temperature setting for your air conditioner in the summer, the higher your energy bills. However, some variables you can gain an advantage by paying attention.

Set the Right Temperature in Summer and Winter

On summer days when the frequency and rates of use increase, you can adjust the air conditioning temperature to 23–26 °C. While in winters, it can range between 20-24 °C. Window air conditioner price and star rating also affect the electricity consumption and bill rates.

Air conditioners manufactured for comfort will consume more energy if overheating or overcooling. Otherwise, due to sudden temperature changes, your risk of developing diseases such as air conditioning bump, asthma, bronchitis, headache, muscle retention, muscle pain, and pneumonia, which are common in summer, will increase.

Prevent Heat Leaks

With the temperature setting, you can help your air conditioner provide better cooling with less energy by preventing hot air from entering your home and cold air from escaping.

Follow these simple tips to keep your home cool throughout the summer:

  • On very hot days, you can save energy by cutting the heat of the sun with curtains, blinds and shutters.
  • Use insulation materials to prevent heat leakage, or replace worn insulation materials and glue them around doors and windows.
  • Install ceiling fans to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Make sure your air conditioner is regularly maintained

Choose Sleep Mode at Night

An air conditioner in sleep mode increases the set room temperature by 1 degree after half an hour and by 2 degrees after 1 hour. Those who sleep in the room where the air conditioner is located sleep comfortably thanks to this feature by increasing the room temperature and regulating the airflow.

An air conditioner with sleep mode turned on will turn off automatically after about 6 hours. In this way, you will not have to interrupt your sleep to turn off your air conditioner.

Watch Out for Moisture

High humidity can make a hot day much more difficult to endure because your body’s sweat glands can’t work efficiently when there’s a lot of moisture in the air. When the air dries, your sweat easily dissipates and you feel more comfortable.

However, you can reduce the humidity in the environment with the function that means “drying”, which you can also see on your controller as a “dry” mode in air conditioners. In de-humidity mode, the fan of your air conditioner operates at low speed, and water vapor in the air is drawn, reducing humidity. In this way, it is possible to reduce the temperature felt. In addition, the mode of moisture is to prevent the formation of mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Change, save money

If your air conditioners, which are more than ten years old, do not have inverter technology, they consume 40% more energy than air conditioners that provide the same cooling performance. You can reduce your bill, especially in summer by opting for A+, A++, and A+++ class air conditioners with the least energy consumption.

In addition, it is very important to choose the right capacity when buying a new air conditioner. Because a device larger than your need means unnecessary energy consumption, while a device that is taken with low capacity for savings will also cause dissatisfaction due to insufficient comfort.

Protect Both Your Health and Budget with Top Air Conditioners in India

Depressing summer temperatures adversely affect working and living conditions. In this period, products of top air conditioner brands in India become indispensable in our homes and offices. So how is it possible to make this comfort long-lasting and efficient?

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

In order to extend the part and service life of your air conditioners and to achieve optimum efficiency with energy-saving, experts of air conditioner brands in India recommend that the annual maintenance and controls of your air conditioners be carried out regularly.

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Your air conditioner consists of two parts: the internal unit and the outdoor unit. Depending on the conditions of use, if you use air conditioning indoor unit maintenance and air conditioning outdoor unit maintenance at least 1 time per year, summer and winter intensively, you should have periodic maintenance done by authorized services before seasonal transitions 2 times a year. In case of failure and the need for air conditioning maintenance service services, authorized services must be hired.

In addition to general maintenance, you should clean the air conditioning indoor unit filter once a week during regular periods of use of air conditioning. This process is fairly easy maintenance that you can do alone.

What is Weekly Air Conditioning Care?

Weekly care is the general care that an amateur user must do once a week, which he or she can do in his home. What to do in weekly care can be listed as follows.

  • Filter cleaning
  • Control cleaning (wet cloth should not be used)
  • Cleaning of air intake grids
  • Eye control of the external unit

What is Annual Air Conditioning Care?

During seasonal transitions, authorized air conditioning service professionals must carry out extensive maintenance.

In this maintenance, both the air conditioning indoor unit and the air conditioning outdoor unit are completely overhauled and all elements affecting performance, health, and safety are checked.

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance: Air conditioning maintenance is carried out once a year in order to reduce the occurrence of failures in the air conditioner and to keep the operating efficiency of the system high. All faults except user and operating failures are repaired.

What is done in annual air conditioning maintenance?

  • Evaporator and condensate, special heat exchanger detergent, and pressure air and/or water cleaning
  • Control and completion of high and low-pressure values of the gas in the system
  • Electrical installation, V-vending machine, voltage, and current values control
  • Control of all socket connections and cable ports
  • Drainage pan and cleaning of the line
  • Cleaning of the fins of all fan propellers
  • Cleaning of air filters with special chemical
  • Performance control and voice control
  • Aesthetic image control

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Since the air circulation in non-maintained air conditioners will be less than the product being maintained, the internal unit will work longer to reach the set temperature. This will be reflected in the extra cost to the user’s electricity bill.

Periodic maintenance of air conditioners is essential for both healthy use and energy saving:

  • Unexpected failures are avoided; your device’s performance improves.
  • Fault costs are reduced, and the life of your device is extended.
  • Energy costs are reduced.
  • Clean indoor air is provided.

The possibility of uninterrupted use of your system increases; your air conditioning system provides “continuous comfort” as the probability of failure is minimized thanks to the periodic maintenance of your air conditioners.


Air Conditioners in India: Tips to use them efficiently

As the temperatures rise, we will all start using our air conditioners for cooling purposes during these days when we stay at home. However, if even the most efficient AC from top air conditioner brands in India, is used unconsciously, it negatively affects the ecological balance, and its improper use can impair your health and cause unnecessary energy consumption.

Here are a few tips given by professionals of the best window air conditioner brand in India that you must keep in mind for efficient usage of AC device:

Serpentine and Filter Cleaning

The serpentines, fans, interiors, and filters of air conditioning devices keep dust and get dirty over time. This affects the efficiency of the air conditioner and wears out the machinery over time.

While dust can be held with air conditioning filters, volatile organic compounds can be eliminated by ventilation of the environment, and biological pollutants can be disposed of by hygienic maintenance of the AC.

Therefore, if the air conditioning device is used in summer and winter, at least in every transition season, serpentines should be cleaned and periodically maintained by authorized services at least once before each use period.

During periodic maintenance, control of the refrigerant inside the device should also be carried out.

Setting the Right Temperature in Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are devices made for comfort; Overheating or overcooling will cause these devices to consume more energy, even if you have the most efficient and economical model.

It is enough to adjust the desired room temperature from the control of air conditioning devices between 23° C-26° C in normal rest and work areas in hot weather. The recommended setting value for volumes heated in winter conditions is 20° C-24° C.

Adjusting the Air Blowing Direction Correctly

By adjusting the direction of the vertical and horizontal wings in the air conditioning device or by continuously moving the blown air, a homogeneous cooling can be obtained, the desired room temperature can be created more quickly and energy can be used efficiently.

In case the air guiding wings do not work in the moving mode, the wings should be up to cool the room, downwards to heat the room.

Using in Humidity Mode

On days when the air is not too hot and the humidity is high, the air conditioner should be operated in humidity mode. Removing moisture will create a comfortable environment.

Avoiding Airflow for Health and Comfort

It is inconvenient for health to stand in front of the air conditioner and in the airflow for a long time, to sit, to stay in the cold airflow.

More care should be taken during the use of air conditioning in the rooms of the elderly, sick, and children, and care should be taken not to affect their health conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the human body, there should be a temperature difference between the selected internal air temperature and the external air temperature not exceeding 7-8° C.

With Or Without Blades, The Washing Machine Dilemma

Top-loading washers (i.e., those with the top lid) use the blades or the impeller to mimic the handwash movement. Both wash systems “carve” clothes in a circular or vertical fashion to remove dirt from clothing. However, each system has its own technical characteristics and therefore its advantages and disadvantages.

Blades: Twist and turn to get the grime out

For many decades, a drum and blade washer was the only type of washer in India. Although the design characteristics, number of washing cycles and materials vary for different home appliance brands in India, the basic operation of systemremains the same. They have a stirrer in the center of the washer with propellers or blades that serve to move / rotate the laundry through the water from the top of the washer to the bottom. This agitation, along with the water and detergent, loosens the dirt. The level of movement depends on the washing cycle, for delicate garments it is usually softer.

Impeller: Streams of water to remove dirt

Impeller washers are the other type of vertical washer that came to India after the bladed ones. The drive system replaces the agitator with a plate at the bottom of the drum to create streams of water that move as the plate rotates. In theory, these water currents (vertically, horizontally and circularly), along with detergent, clean clothes without having to use blades or propellers.

Which are more efficient? less water and better washing

Impeller washers are typically more efficient for three reasons, primarily:

Water savers:

Once the user selects the size of the load, the water temperature and the washing cycle, the washing machine does not completely cover the clothes with water, since the plate pulls the clothes to the floor so that it absorbs the water. Unlike a blade washer, the drum is filled to the top and the agitator moves the laundry to provide friction, not taking advantage of the water level.

Easy Drying: Spin speeds are higher therefore laundry ends up drier.

More technology: Intec home appliances like washer have impeller systems, they usually come with more technological features such as ecological drum washing, freedom to intervene during the washing process, rapid washing cycles, etc.

Which ones perform better? laundry and care

Washers with blade systems tend to damage clothes more, since movements are more abrupt, have fewer cycle options and are noisier. However, the blades are good at removing dirt faster, but clothing can end up tangled. In contrast, impeller washers are quieter, larger in capacity, and friendly with laundry care, but this sometimes involves cleaning costs.

In conclusion

A top-loading washing machine is undoubtedly a household favorite. By contrast, front-loading washers are typical of those found in a laundry, given that they are heavy-duty equipment. Between the two types of top-loading systems, a blade washer can make your clothes cleaner and the price is lower, but the technological limitations and noise they produce when working can be the main disadvantages. As for the impeller washer, it is a technology that is advancing, Intec home appliances manufacturers are increasingly striving to provide more efficient, better performing and environmentally friendly equipment. However, costs are higher and vary according to technical characteristics.

Finally, revolutions per minute (rpm) matter. In the case of washing machines, the rpm determines a greater efficiency in the spinning process (that is, the process that the washing machine has to squeeze clothes). The more speed (more rpm) the washing machine has, the less damp the clothes will end. If you want your clothes to come out almost dry, a washing machine that has a rpm of 1,200 to 1,400 rpm is the ideal one. At the same time, keep in mind that some type of clothing should not be subjected to high levels of spinning, therefore, it is convenient that the washing machine has the option of spinning at different levels.

Fans: How To Integrate Them Into Your Home Decoration

We are in the middle of summer, living days with extreme heat, and the fans are a good solution to cool off. Fans are claimed as a decorative element that can look stylish and trendy at the same time, if chosen with care.

If you need to refresh your home, a ceiling fan is a very good option; In addition to keeping your rooms well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature, they are an excellent option to give more space to your spaces, since they are decorative accents that crown the center of the room.

The problem is that the fan is somewhat functional but it should not stand out in your home. On the contrary, it must be integrated. For this the key is to choose one, whose design fits well with the rest of the decoration.

In the bedroom

Of course, a ceiling fan is a good option if you have a high ceiling and an electrical connection in the sky. If you don’t want it to attract so much attention you can choose a white one, or if you want something more sculptural then a wooden one works perfect. A high ceiling theme is anexcellent choice if you have children, because if they jump on the bed, they could hit each other. The idea is to choose a color that integrates well with the decoration.

If you are going for a standing fan, it is best to locate it in a place where traffic does not disturb, especially in the bedroom where space is normally more limited. Intec home appliances offer a huge range of ceiling fans and portable coolers that will not only provide comfort but, also enhance the look of your home.
Dining room

A black and wood surfaced fan predominates the dining space. Also did you know that ceiling fans help scare away flies? They generate a current of air that bothers them, so it does double duty in places where there is food.

In the living room textured fan is also a good alternative. Again, the key is to choose the right design and color, in addition to locating it in a place where it does not bother.

Standing fan

Without a doubt it is important that the style of the fan is ad-hoc to your decoration. If for example you have a very classic style, it will look strange if you incorporate a very contemporary or very retro fan. The important thing is that the view flows when looking at the space, not that it remains fixed on this element.

If you have a covered terrace, this is a good option to take advantage of it during the afternoon. They will help you to revive the atmosphere, as well as serving to scare away the bugs.

So, occupy these fan designs in your home and give them a try. You can buy Intec home appliances to enjoy a huge range of ceiling fans with beautiful themes. Try them in other spaces -especially outdoors- because they are a practical element that also contributes to the decoration.

Transportation Problems When Buying Appliances Online

Thinking to buy Intec home appliances online is one of those things we do, at most, once a year. And it is because these types of items usually require the disbursement of a good investment of money when we acquire one of them we hope to receive the best service to the possible customer. And within this service are the shipping conditions, the subject that will occupy us today.

Ensure that the shipping conditions of the supplier we choose do not offer any lagoon or feature that may harm us is essential to enjoy the best amortization of our investment. In this article, Alife technicians explain what you should look to make sure.home appliances brands in India

First of all, what does the supplier include along with the transport of your order?

Although it would be normal for these types of issues to be quite clear regardless of the provider you go to, unfortunately, the reality is another good different. When you compare different alternatives you should check what the provider includes along with home delivery, since many, however surreal it may seem, do not include the installation of the new appliance or removal of the previous one.

It goes without saying that this will condition your purchase decision, so the advice of our experts is that you look for information on what the provider includes with the transport of your order on your Shipping Conditions page (if you are not even able to find it easily on your website, the thing starts badly).

Installation may be carried out provided the following conditions are met:

  • Do not need additional work such as disassembling doors or furniture that prevent installation.
  • The existing electricity and water connections must be sufficient and comply with the regulations of the maker
  • The service does not include: Integrations, panelling or accessories to perform the water or light connections.

What is the delivery time for my appliances?

As for the time it will take for your Intec home appliance to arrive or the shipping cost, it really depends on where your provider’s warehouse is located and how much distance separate from the delivery address you have indicated, since the greater the distance the greater shipping cost and delivery time.

However, although the delivery time cannot be defined in a general way for all types of cases, it is recommended that you check if the provider of your chosen details in their Shipping conditions what would happen in case the stock of a product runs out and the time of usual delivery increase dramatically (since this type of scenarios can occur in the practice).

Normally, in these cases, the supplier must notify the customer in advance that this increase is possible within the usual delivery period, and the customer must be able to decide if you still want to buy the product or not.

Beware of suppliers that do not warn that this circumstance may occur and anticipate a guarantee to the buyer for these types of cases at the time they occur since otherwise, you could see yourself in the dilemma of paying for an appliance that it will take months to arrive.

We hope this article on the most common problems with shipments and the transport of appliances saves you some disgust in the future.

How To Choose The Best Online Home Appliance Store And What Are Its Benefits?

In this article, we are not going to talk about online appliance stores specifically. We all know that there are large chain stores, where we can find all kinds of appliances of different brands. Today we want to talk about what the user wants and wants for their perfect online appliance store.

An appliance buyer always looks for a machine that fits and meets their needs. Therefore, it previously performs a search on the internet to find the model that best suits it. Usually, a person who buys this type of item online is a user accustomed to the internet and who uses it frequently. Users who are not so accustomed or not in the habit of using it do not usually go to buy appliances online.

Once the buyer has decided which appliance he wants, he searches for the model or models he has liked in the different stores he knows. Others directly put the model in the search engine, so that all online appliance stores appear where they sell it. When deciding in which online appliance store to buy the product, the buyer decides according to the conditions offered by the store.

The price, guarantee, the time it takes for the order to take home and many other factors are determining when a person decides to buy Intec home appliances or not at an online store. The same or even worse happens with appliances because when dealing with products at high prices, people usually look more closely at the conditions of the store before making the decision.

Main benefits of buying in the online market

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits that e-commerce offers you is the possibility of acquiring products from the comfort of your home, which finally represents greater savings for your pocket, because you do not have to move to a physical store.

More product description

When you buy an Intec home appliance online, the possibilities of choosing the correct model are extended, and that is precisely one of the advantages of electronic commerce that shows in greater detail the description of each article, which is favourable for you to evaluate the characteristics of the appliance before buying it.


This is the main virtue of the online market because it guarantees you the possibility of buying from your home at any time of the day. In this way with the use of your computer and mobile equipment you can click on the product that best suits your needs and pay with the format of your preference. Apart from that, these companies offer you home delivery and start-up of the appliance or the replacement of the damaged device with the new one.

Best price

Another advantage of online stores is that they have better prices than commercial establishments, which translates into savings on some occasions of up to 25%. Also, on the Internet, you could get countless comparative tables of the different appliances that are a useful tool for you to choose the product with a greater discount.

Fast and reliable service.

On many occasions you go to e-commerce is because you need to quickly solve the replacement of an appliance that has been damaged and normally the services of online stores are quite efficient and offer next day delivery. Similarly, there is no risk of losing money because they offer real-time information on the process of buying and delivering the product.

E-Commerce Trends In Appliance Sales

Since the internet has evolved into a global and open space, with great economic potential to generate commercial projects, the creation and success of online businesses have been improving every year, starting with small static websites with few sales, at infinity of dynamic websites with millions of products from both small and large companies.

Where does e-commerce come from and where is it going?

In this sense, it can be understood that the evolution of the Internet towards a commercial space has meant a revolution for companies and citizens since a digitalized society has been created where not only information is consulted, but can be sold and bought services and products.

All this has made it increase the economic development of companies and create new business models, which makes the Internet as a means that gives great business opportunities.home appliances brands in India

2019 e-commerce trends

Through the study of “evolution and prospects of e-commerce for 2018 and 2019”, we can get an idea of ​​what is to come and the new trends in the matter of electronic commerce.

We know that its great growth comes from the hand of evolution in the implementation and execution of e-commerce platforms. Every time more simplified and technologically accessible platforms are used for all types of entrepreneurs since they make it faster to market.

Therefore, it is planned to create more platforms in this regard to make the online commerce market much larger, accessible and easy to use for all businesses.

Social networks are becoming more and more sales channels, so these networks are increasingly adapting to facilitate the purchase and sale of products and services which will increase the numbers of trade in social networks.

Another very innovative and successful element is being voice search, but until this year it is not trying to implement in e-commerce. In 2019, the development of functionalities for platforms such as Alexa or Google Home will be implemented and used more than ever and with this, the sale of products will be facilitated through the use of voice only.

The omni-channel is being enhanced in every way, the omni-channel CRM is being given, which will make it possible for a customer to be recognized in the same way in the physical store, than in social networks, than in ecommerce, in order to offer a more personalized and satisfying customer experience.

Another trend is that more and more physical stores are becoming places of passage or places of the first contact with the product and then buy the products online. Therefore, e-commerce is being included in physical stores, without altering delivery times and facilitating online shopping in stores, which is a trend that is being used more and more every day.

The majority of e-commerce expects to grow, especially the largest and most billing e-commerce. As for the average ticket, 64% of e-commerce foresees that it will remain the same as in 2018.

In relation to mobile e-commerce, 63% of respondents foresee that sales in mobile e-commerce will be more than 25% of their total billing. As for the omnichannel strategy, respondents believe that omnichannel sales will increase by as much as 10%, with the most used omnichannel technologies being the native App and Social WiFi.

Buy intec home appliances online to get the best prices.

How Are Today’s Household Appliances Presented?

The home appliance market is evolving more and more and its use is becoming a real way of life in today’s world. The word household appliance is also adhered by the profession to the term white. It is subdivided into two categories, namely: small household appliances and large Intec home appliances.

These devices are for domestic use unlike industrial devices and require electricity to work. There are many: there is the extractor fan, the washing machine, the washing machine, the fridge, the freezer, the dishwasher, the coffee maker, the kettle, the blender, the toaster, the food processor, etc. Currently, all of these tools come in different models with different functions. A wide range of high-end products is now available from several design companies.

Repair of household appliances.

In real-time, the repair can be done by the user himself but in case of deadlock, the recourse to professionals is essential. Repairing or repairing household appliances consists of identifying the cause of the failure and making the necessary repairs to start it up. Nowadays, there is a consumer protection regime applying to certain devices such as stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens.

New modes of household appliances.

From a simple point of view, we know how to recognize a cheesy model and a high-tech model in terms of household appliances. The current style covets the ultra-flat and a resistant format of home automation tools that is to say models of large capacity. This is why the digital and touch screen has become fashionable on the new generation of devices, whether domestic or electronic. The screen promotes communication between the device and its user. Intec is one of the companies that contributes to this real progress in the world of household appliances which is both practical and efficient.

Take into account needs

The first criterion to consider before buying your appliance is the role it will play. In most cases, they guarantee great utility, but not defining needs in advance will push you to use it at all times. This will contribute to increasing the consumption of energy and therefore of the bill. So before spending a fortune on an accessory, find out if you can’t do without it or find another more efficient and economical solution.

If you have to buy a refrigerator, for example, ask yourself if you should take a model with a built-in or separate freezer. It will all depend on whether you prepare meals in advance and keep them. Similarly, for the washing machine, do not rush directly on a model equipped with a dryer. The latter will be more expensive and use more energy. Once your clothes are washed, you can dry them in the open air: very economical and ecological.

Choose connected objects or not

With the advance of technology, you will find on the market today many very sophisticated household appliances. They can connect to a smartphone, a tablet, and control themselves remotely. For example, you will be able to see the contents of your refrigerator, program the start of the washing machine or stop the washing machine. If you have to opt for these models, you will benefit from:

  • Remote diagnosis to detect anomalies in advance and prevent breakdowns;
  • A consumption statistic to know the consumption differences.

However, do not run straight to these very attractive technologies. Also, take the time to analyze the drawbacks to find out if it is really worth it to buy Intec home appliances.

Guide To Saving Energy With The Air Conditioner

Those who have already opted for an air conditioning system, deciding to contrast the summer heatwave with a fixed or mobile device, will probably have already noticed a certain difference on the electricity bill. There is some way to reduce it.

It is true that the latest generation air conditioners allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption and produce little noise compared to their ancestors, but some tricks could help further improve the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner.

Tips for buying an air conditioner

First of all, the system must be correctly sized with respect to our needs: rely on a specialized technician or home appliances brands in India. Indicative cost for an inspection: 50 euros, often deducted from the purchase of the air conditioner.

You must choose an air conditioner of higher energy class (A +++, A ++, A +) and with inverter technology: compared to an on/off model, the saving is 30% on electricity consumption. Domestic air conditioners are called “compression” and can be mobile or fixed.

Mobile air conditioners

The appliances air conditioners furniture are portable and very practical: they cost more than the fixed, do not require installation, do not require masonry work and can “follow” from room to room. The disadvantage is that they always need an ajar window to allow the passage of the exhaust pipes, which allows hot air and external humidity to enter the house.

The fixed air conditioner

Fixed air conditioners are instead fixed to a wall: they are more efficient, less expensive and less noisy than mobile ones. However, they must be installed by specialized personnel because electrical cables and conduits are hidden inside the walls. By avoiding that the air conditioner is hit directly by the sun’s rays and installing it away from heat sources, electricity consumption is reduced by up to 5%.

The energy label of the air conditioner

With the energy labels in force since January 2013, even small models, with power less than or equal to 12 kilowatts, must indicate the reference energy class. These air conditioners must now all be equipped with inverters (it is still worth checking).

It is a technology that allows you to adapt the operating mode of the compressor to the actual room temperature- the colder you need (room with ajar windows and many people inside) the stronger it is, the less it is needed (closed room with two people) the more it goes plan – and therefore to reduce electricity consumption: up to 30% over eight hours of continuous operation.

Where to place and how to adjust the air conditioner to save?

According to AC manufacturers in India, the correct positioning of the outdoor unit is an important step for the reduction of energy consumption. A bit like the refrigerator, in fact, the air conditioner takes heat from a cooler environment and then transfers it to a warmer one: that’s why it is better to place the outdoor unit in a shady spot and protect glass and windows from direct sunlight.

Sun- Attempting to bring the temperature of the environment in which you live below 26° C is unhealthy, as well as expensive. An excessive temperature change could only cause you many ailments. It is, therefore, better to set the right temperature, perhaps using the timer and when possible dehumidify rather than the condition.

On any model of the air conditioner the choice falls, it is right to remember that in summer the ideal temperature is 27 ° C with a humidity between 40 and 60%. It is highly recommended that the difference between the internal and external temperature does not exceed 7 ° C to avoid too high-temperature changes and consequent health problems.