Who Do You Trust The Installation Of Air Conditioning?

Who Do You Trust The Installation Of Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is not the end product, not a TV, not a refrigerator or a microwave oven, which you bring from the store, connect to the power supply system and use. Air conditioning must first be installed appropriately.

Important! Selection and installation of climate systems should be carried out by professionals.

Correct operation of the Intec air conditioner is 90% dependent on a high-quality installation. Therefore, when choosing a company to install a split system, look for professionals with relevant experience and a positive history. Require registration of warranty for the installation, it is prescribed in the contract (installation of air conditioning).

Poor installation is a common cause of air conditioner failure.

Today, more and more people are shopping in online stores. But acquiring air conditioning there, you risk. And, first of all, you should be alerted by the unreasonably low price. Often this is the case when the miser pays twice.

A split system with a label of a well-known brand, but at a price well below the market average, may turn out to be unofficially imported or not intended for use in the Russian Federation.

Such equipment is a priori devoid of warranty service from the manufacturer and distributor, which means that in the event of an air conditioner failure, you repair it at your own expense.

Online stores that offer air conditioning at low prices, usually do not have their own qualified staff. And they are attracted to the work of seasonal assembly teams, which do not possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications and often literally destroy the equipment.

If the air conditioner fails due to poor installation, you should contact the window air conditioner manufacturers in India that provided this service. She bears a warranty. However, it happens that it is impossible to achieve the fulfillment of obligations, since at the end of the season a large part of online stores disappears, being one-day firms.

In the event of a system breakdown due to poor installation, both the manufacturer and the distributor remove the warranty obligations on the equipment. So you have to repair the air conditioner at your own expense. The deal is not cheap. Often repairs are comparable to the cost of a new split system.

Important! To guarantee competent installation can only serious companies with a staff of qualified professionals.

What is the danger of improper installation?

After the “curve” of installation of the air conditioner, a variety of failures are possible, malfunction of the device. The most unpleasant situation, if the compressor “flew”. This happens if the installers do not tightly connect the pipes through which the refrigerant runs. The air conditioner seems to be working, but at the same time, a refrigerant leak occurs. As a result, the compressor overheats and fails.

In today’s popular inverter models, a control board may be damaged due to an illiterate installation. This happens because workers confuse the wires.

3 Simple Tips For Maintaining A Window Air Conditioner

It has been demonstrated through numerous studies that filters that are not cleaned or left neglected can cause more or less severe illnesses such as a sore throat, bronchitis, abdominal pain, colds, lumbago, bacterial infections and other diseases affecting the respiratory system.

The maintenance of the air conditioner is an operation as important as necessary to improve its energy efficiency and to avoid the risk of filling our rooms with unhealthy air.

Here the cleaning of the air conditioning filter becomes indispensable as it avoids the onset of pathologies and problems to the plant itself. Themain task of Intec air conditioner is to purify and refresh the air in the house in which it is installed, as well as being able to filter dust and bacteria present in it.

The primary cleaning of air conditioners should be done at the end of the season, around September / October, to prevent dust and dirt from getting encrusted in the appliance during the winter season. And to extend his life, it would be good to protect him, in the winter months, with a suitable cover.

In any case, during the summer use, it is necessary to perform some main operations:

  • Cleaning of the outdoor unit and, if possible, of the internal one, constantly subjected to dust and pollutants (on this occasion we also check the stability of the engine support);
  • Cleaning the filters, where germs and bacteria are easily lurking;
  • Verification of possible refrigerant gas leaks and condenser control.

Do you need a technician for these operations? To clean the engine and the filters, it is not necessary to contact a technician, but we can do it ourselves.

The cleaning of the units

However, if we do not have the time or opportunity to do so, we will contact a window air conditioner brands in India that installs air conditioners that will ask about 40 euros (VAT excluded) for the internal and external cleaning of the appliance, plus the cost of specific products used.

If, on the other hand, we clean the engine, make sure that the appliance is switched off, and proceed to remove the protection grid.

With a simple brush, we can remove the dust accumulated on the blades, which we will then wash with a wet cloth and a universal degreaser.

If we notice that there are some obstacles, even just the dry leaves that can obstruct the engine, we use the vacuum cleaner to remove it: we will allow the correct operation of the appliance over time and will avoid producing annoying noises.

If the motor is housed in a hard-to-reach place, cleaning will require the use of the compressor and a ladder or scaffolding, and it would be better, in this case, to call a technician who will carry out the work in safety.

Window Air Conditioning, Is It A Good Alternative?

With the arrival of heat, many people consider buying a portable air conditioner but rarely talk about window air conditioners, which can sometimes fit well in our needs and give better results than laptops. Let’s look a little deeper at this enigmatic cube.

With the beginning of summer, you are undoubtedly looking for ways to counteract the sun’s rays. Most people, if they decide to bet on an air conditioning system use the most common method, although that is not always the most economical alternative.

This type of air conditioning is not only an affordable option, but it is also extremely efficient about the amount of energy they use, besides, but these units also fit inside your window.

  1. Low cost

The first big advantage that window air conditioners have is their accessible cost. Not only are they cheap enough to buy, but their monthly operation is of little value.

As you may have estimated, the cost of a window air conditioning unit will depend on the brand, its capacity and the characteristics associated with the device itself. Do not worry that you can find a wide variety of models and prices.

To know the window air conditioner price, you first need to calculate the square area of the space in which you want to control the temperature. In addition to this, you must also decide which brand to use, as well as the most important features for you. Both factors will also play a role in the total cost.

  1. Does not occupy space on the floor

Since they are planned to fit inside a window, this type of air conditioner does not take up any extra space in your house. This is a great benefit if you live in a small apartment or want to refresh a reduced room. Portable air conditioners, fans and other options for temperature control can take up valuable floor space.

A window air conditioner is located on the outskirts of the room, so it goes unnoticed and does not interfere with the activities you do inside it.

The only other type of air conditioner brands in India that offers this same benefit is air conditioners without ducts and central air conditioning. Both have their interests, but they can be much more expensive to buy and install.

  1. It can be used in many places


Temporary or non-permanent housing is a beautiful place to use a window air conditioner. You can enjoy it and take it with you to reinstall it in another location if you decide to move.


Everyone wants to be comfortable while they sleep. It is an essential component to get a good night’s sleep. Having a window air conditioner in your room allows you to stay cool, have a good night’s rest and not have to pay extra to refresh the rest of your home.

  1. Offices and small businesses

Depending on the environment of the office where you work, it is likely that the climate is always too cold or too hot or that it is never comfortable enough. It can be challenging to find the right temperature for everyone to be happy. And this becomes much more complicated if you have a small business with clients that come and go. A window air conditioner is a simple and inexpensive solution that will keep everyone happy.

What Type Of Air Conditioning Do You Need For Your Home?

The importance of an air conditioner in your home or apartment is essential, not only to reduce heat but to improve air quality. However, which one is right for you? Then, INTEC will explain what type of air conditioning you need in your home according to your needs.

Do I need to buy a wall air conditioner?

Of course yes! Every day strange odors accumulate in your home and enter allergens that can harm you if you suffer a respiratory problem. It is the best type of air conditioning as provided by window air conditioner manufacturers in India, whether you have a room of regular or large size because its cooling power can cover up to 9 meters.

On the other hand, although many say it is harmful, it is proven that one of the benefits of wall air conditioning is more noticeable when it is in the bedroom. In summer, it is sometimes impossible to sleep because of the more than 25 degrees felt in the capital. And you know what’s best? You can program your equipment to turn off when you are deeply asleep.

It should be noted that you will save a significant amount of energy, since once you are asleep, you will not need the wall air conditioner still on; and will help you sleep quickly, making you sleep eight full hours without interruptions. In other words, the next day you will present a better performance in college or at work.

When to buy a window type air conditioner?

Sometimes, because you rent an apartment or the floor of a house, you cannot make significant changes because the contract prevents it. Doing so would entail paying more money for making changes to someone else’s property, sometimes things work that way. In these situations, the best choice is to buy a window type air conditioner.

One of the benefits of buying this unit is its price. It is cheaper than a wall air conditioner and provides great satisfaction. Also, it is quite practical for people who always move, since Continue reading

Air Conditioner Purchase On The Internet: Discount Price For A Low-Cost Service

You have, or you may consider to equip you with an air conditioning system, the first reflex of the consumer is often to go on the internet to learn about the different models, and get a price idea. Various online sales sites offer air conditioning at a discount price, so what are these websites worth? And their performance is it up compared to that of an installer?

The two types of air conditioners: fixed and mobile.

The first ones count: the wall-mounted air conditioner is a kind of box, which, as its name suggests, is fixed to the wall. The console air conditioner, similar in appearance to a radiator. The cassette air conditioner which is in the form of a rectangular grid and installs in a false ceiling and the duct, which is placed in the same way.

These products benefit from a simple diffusion system (mono-split): with a unit outside and a unit inside but in a single room; or multi-split: with an outdoor unit and units divided into several rooms (up to five) of the house/apartment. The authorization of the town hall for the installation of a fixed air conditioner is not required unless you live in a protected area. On the other hand, you will have to obtain the approval of the majority of the co-owners, if you live in an apartment.

On wheels, mobile air conditioners move quickly from room to room. These units are equipped with an evacuation duct to be placed on the crack of the window to evacuate the hot air.

The air conditioner manufacturers in India keeps a wide range of possibilities at hand; to him to see which ones are best suited to his needs. Especially since, as the experts Continue reading

Frequent Questions About Air Conditioning

Where the air conditioner should be placed?

Refrigeration equipment should be placed in places where there is not too much sun and where there is good air circulation. This must be fulfilled with both the outdoor and indoor units.

How can you optimize consumption?

What should be done to avoid unnecessary consumption is to turn off the air conditioning when there is no one in the place where it is located. Many climate control equipment already includes energy saving mechanisms.

At what temperature should the AC be programmed?

The normal and recommended temperature, taking care of the environment, usually oscillate between 22 and 25 degrees centigrade. If the humidity increases, the temperature should be reduced so as not to modify the thermal sensation.

It must be taken into a report that a temperature that differs by more than 12 degrees from the outside temperature should not be programmed since this will increase the energy consumption by 8% for each degree that exceeds those twelve degrees of difference.

How is the ideal temperature achieved?

It is essential that since the window air conditioner brand in India is turned on, it is programmed to the desired temperature. Neither higher nor lower. Nor should the temperature be set higher or lower than what we want to cool or heat faster. This can be achieved with the ‘powerful’ mode that almost Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Window Air Conditioners Are Best Fit For Your House

With the advent of the summer season, more and more of our citizens are starting to think about buying a good window air conditioner that cannot only cool the private premises but also clean the air of dust. Unfortunately, in the conditions of the Middle Strip the air conditioning, when the anomalous heat comes, has already ceased to be a luxury and from now on, any air conditioner merely is obliged to stand in almost every apartment.

Advantages of window air conditioners are very many:

First, they do not need to be installed as split systems. That is, during the season you do not need to wait for your turn to fix, which, sometimes, lasts for weeks. The installation and refueling in a hot summer season cost serious money?

Secondly, you can install the window air conditioner yourself. It is enough to cut out the necessary technological hole in the window and fit a particular chassis, into which the window conditioner will be rolled. Everything is fast, high quality and free. But for the most part, best window air conditioner brands in India that sell window air conditioners provide this installation service for free!

Thirdly, some believe that window conditioners are very noisy. Not true. Modern compressors on these air conditioners do not produce 50-55 dB of sound, which allows them to be installed even in bedrooms.

Fourthly, when several years pass and it will be necessary to launder both the condenser and the evaporator from the accumulated dirt, in the case of window air-conditioning everything will be quite simple. It will be required to roll out of the chassis, take it to a car wash and flush all the radiator grilles with Continue reading

Why You Should Not Buy or Use a Portable Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner, an appliance that some call simplistically “conditioner,” is a recent achievement in Italian homes, but it is a real blessing of modern times because it “saves” our wellbeing in the days of extreme heat. Likewise, it can heat the environment on winter days. Learning about the existing air conditioning models on the market, how they work and all the factors that must be taken into concern before the purchase is essential to choose the right model for your home, saving unnecessary expenses.

The air conditioning has gone from being a luxury to a necessity in most of our geography. The variety of models and prices has contributed to its use to achieve a social air conditioning.

However, this increase in its use has not been accompanied by proper information. This leads many consumers to choose window air conditioner brand in India that are not recommended. Below, we explain why the portable air conditioner does not offer the quality expected of this type of air conditioner, so you can make the best decision before buying.

Is portable air conditioning recommended?

If we take into account energy efficiency, durability, comfort, Continue reading

What makes Window Air Conditioners Best Home Appliances in Summers?

Technology has always come up with a godsend for people whenever they have faced any problem. Air conditioners are one of the greatest inventions from the house of technology. The summer season in the recent times bring a lot of discomfort and distress to the folks. The roasting temperatures of the summers expose peeps to many dreading health hazards. In these scenarios, home appliances brands in India have come up with the best solution in the form of air conditioners

Air conditioners have so far been one of the greatest inventions in the home appliance sector and have proved to be a great source of convenience to people in the scorching conditions of the sunny season. Air conditioners are basically air coolers that adjust the temperature of your indoors according to your requirements. These home appliances have gained immense popularity among masses as well as classes within a very small span of time and the reason for this is the ultimate utilities provided by these devices. There cannot be any deny on the fact that these devices have made summers quite an easy affair for people.

Continue reading