Common Air conditioner Errors and Their Maintenance Tips

Problems in work can occur in any air conditioning, regardless of their high cost and “elite” brand. Speech in the article is mainly about split-systems since they are the most “whimsical” and demanding of proper operation.

So do not think that by installing an Intec air conditioner, you are automatically protected from all kinds of failures. On the contrary, such a technique requires even more careful observance of all rules for its use.

To understand what can happen to the breakdown of the air conditioner, we first consider its internal device.

The split system includes internal and external units. In the outer part, which is located outside the room, there is a compressor, a radiator (often called a condenser) and a fan designed to blow out the condenser. The indoor unit also consists of a heater (internal radiator called an evaporator) and a fan designed to distribute air evenly throughout the room. During the installation of the air conditioner, the two units of the split-system are connected by means of copper pipes. In the tubes, there is a pressurized mixture of Freon gas with compressor oil. Now let’s consider what can fail in this design.

  1. Pollution of filters in the interior of the air conditioner. These filters are designed to clean incoming air from the street, and they also protect other parts of the air conditioner from all sorts of debris. Filters can be compared to a dust collector of a vacuum cleaner. Usually, the screen is a grid with small cells and is located under the front panel of the indoor unit. It is necessary to monitor the purity of filters and clean them regularly. For this, the mesh should be washed in warm water and dried. This is usually described in detail in the operating instructions for the air conditioner.

If the filters have not been cleaned for a long time and are heavily soiled, the cooling of the internal radiator is worse, and the air in the room is cooled poorly.

Intec Window and Split Ac

Then the operation of the refrigeration system may be disrupted, and the ice and frost will settle on the connecting tubes. This becomes noticeable when the air conditioner is off when water drips from it. First, there are insignificant discharge, in the future, if you do not take measures, the leakage becomes much stronger, and the radiator plates can be cleaned only with strong chemicals.

Cleaning the filters is not a point of warranty service, and the consumer himself carries it out, by the instruction manual.

  1. The next reason why air conditioners often fail is the reduction in CFC concentration in copper pipelines. Freon leak will occur in any case, since it is an inevitable consequence of the features of even the most qualitative and conscientious installation of split systems. The normalized loss of Freon is about 6-8 percent per year. To restore the required amount of gas, the air conditioner is required only once every 1.5 to 2 years to refuel with Freon.

3. The breakdown of the air conditioner can lead to his work in the winter season. Virtually all models sold by split air conditioners brands in India are not designed for winter operation, with outdoor temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. If you operate the air conditioner in winter in the cooling mode,

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