Fighting Hot Summer: Air Conditioning or Draft?

When answering a question about how it is best to deal with the summer heat – with the help of an air conditioner or a draft – it should be emphasized that the latter does not always bring the desired effect, but most often it can ultimately harm your health. For example, in the case of a draft, an apartment or other room becomes open to being exposed to street dust. Sometimes an open window attracts the attention of birds, which then is extremely difficult to drive out. Also, drafts need to be regulated. Otherwise, there will be a very high probability of catching a cold. With air conditioners, everything is entirely different.

It’s enough to buy an air conditioner once, and it will do all the work that you had to do in case of a draft. Air conditioning, the price of which is not so high, as many thinks, is guaranteed to have a positive effect in the prolonged summer heat.

The split-system of wall-mounted air conditioners is easy to operate and suitable for both residential premises and various offices. Inexpensive air conditioning for the apartment is different in that it takes into account the factor of a permanent presence in it of people. Office conditioner works in a gentler mode.

Another thing is that the air conditioner for the office works more intensively and in the shortest possible time will make the microclimate in the room pleasant and comfortable. The inverter air conditioner used in this case allows smoothly adjusting the degree of air cooling in a particular room and fixing it. Also, the inverter allows the air conditioner to work not only for cooling but also for heating.

Intec Aplit Ac

Often, many customers have questions about how to install air conditioning. Experienced employees of best split air conditioner brand in India selling cooling devices will be able to quickly and reliably equip any room with these devices that are so necessary for summer. In recent years, air conditioning- this is the only possible option for environmentally friendly protection from the hot summer.

It’s not a secret for anyone that harmful emissions in the atmosphere have a negative impact on the health and life of any person. Dirty, saturated with suspended high-molecular compounds, the draft is a direct path to diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, to buy a less power consumption air conditioner means to get into your hands a formidable weapon in the fight against exhaust gases and other dangerous air emissions from the metropolis.

We can see that the drafts fall less over the AC.

Other ways to cool down your house

  • Take advantage of the most relaxed hours of the day to lower the temperature of the house, ventilating the home at night and early hours of the day.
  • Use energy efficient appliances. In the long run, it is more profitable to acquire a device qualified as A +++, with which we can save up to 60% of energy.
  • Whenever possible use fans, which will cool the environment consuming less power. It is also handy to keep the house protected from the sun’s rays, by lowering awnings and blinds.

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