How Best to Choose a Place to Install An Air Conditioner?

It is necessary to understand that the selection of the location for the installation of the air conditioner must be approached responsibly because the wall conditioner cannot be moved or moved to another location. When installing Intec air conditioner, it is essential to consider how the furniture will be located indoors.

Several rules need to be adhered to when choosing a location for an air conditioner:

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Excluding direct hit of an air stream on people is necessary. Do not install the air conditioner opposite the bed/sofa / dining table / workstation, i.e.the place where people will be. In the case of such an installation, cold air will blow directly to the person, with a high probability of catching a cold and this is simply not comfortable. The air flow should be directed so that it can pass freely or where people cannot be too often, or (if the speech is still about the office) between the places of workers.

If it is a bedroom and its dimensions are not large, and there are not many places for installing an air conditioner, then the air conditioner should be installed at the head of the bed. There is an opinion that if you install the air conditioner over your head, it will blow directly onto the person lying underneath it, but it is not. In the case of such an installation, the flow of cold air will drop only in the region of the legs of the lying person, which are most often covered, and therefore protected.

At installation of the conditioner, it is necessary to leave not less than 10 centimeters between the conditioner and a ceiling. Inside the ceiling, the installation of the indoor unit is prohibited. This distance is necessary for free air circulation. The air conditioner takes air from the room and does this just through the top of the housing.

It is not necessary to install the air conditioner above the cupboard, or other large-sized furniture, from the conditioner to furniture the distance should be more than 70-100 centimeters. Also, it is not necessary to install air conditioning for furniture. In such cases, air will be distributed unevenly, air exchange will deteriorate, and the air conditioner sensor will incorrectly read the information about the temperature in the room and quickly become unusable.

Is it possible to install the air conditioner by yourself?

 The installation of air conditioning is a job that must be done by qualified engineers from ac manufacturers in India; this work is not easy, takes about 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the work.

The installation requires professional tools and accessories, as well as high-quality consumables and accessories. Do not forget that the air conditioner contains Freon, connecting the air conditioner is technically difficult work and at the same time dangerous.

If the air conditioner breaks down, service specialists can easily determine the nature of the failure, and also the reason why it could occur. If it occurred due to improper installation and the installation was carried out by the customer independently or using third-party involvement, air conditioner brands in India disclaim all warranty services and all repair work on the air conditioner / parts replacement is done at the expense of the customer. If errors are made during the installation, then it is very difficult to fix them. Remember that installation by 80% determines the quality and service life of the air conditioner

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