The Big Deal About Smart TV

In this guide we present the Smart TV, we tell you what they offer and what the requirements to be able to take full advantage of them are. Better a regular LED TV or a Smart TV? Let’s find out what’s right for you.

Smart TV means “Smart TV,” a nice name that nevertheless says little about what it does. It would be accurate to name it “Internet TV,” since the main feature of Smart TV is their ability to connect to the Internet, and from here open up to a multiplicity of uses that go beyond the visualization of films and television broadcasts.

Not all Smart TVs offer the same functions; they are very different from each other because what they can do depends a lot on the software and also on the presence of accessories. The software is very dependent on the brand, that is, a Samsung Smart TV will have different software from the LG or Sony, but usually the same brand of TVs will install the same software across the range.

In other words, the software of a 60-inch Samsung Smart TV that costs several thousand euros will be the same that you will find on a 30-inch model, still Samsung, which requires much less, but different from that on a TV another brand.

Buy smart LED TV in Delhi that, as we said, must be able to access the Internet, so you need to have a connection in the place where you want to install it. For example, if you are looking for a LED TV android to put in your beach house or in the mountains, where you do not have internet, it makes no sense to buy a Smart TV. If you have Internet, you will also need to make sure that you can connect it to the network or via cable or Wi-Fi.

The network cable is always the best advice in this case, but if there is not a network port nearby and you want to rely on Wi-Fi, make sure that the TV itself has a Wi-Fi module. Sometimes there is not; sometimes it is integrated, others are available as an accessory; do not take it for granted. Also, make sure you have a connection fast enough. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the “Smart” functions properly.

In fact, the App is the heart of Smart TV. Just like a smartphone or a modern tablet, which becomes a system for reading information newspapers, a game console, a music player, tells us the weather forecast or allows us to understand the e-mails, even Smart TVs can offer all this. Differently, from a tablet or a smartphone, a Smart TV does not allow a fast and precise interaction, because the primary device with which to control it remains the remote control unless you connect unique accessories, such as keyboards or game controllers.

Do not think you can surf the Internet as quickly as you do on your PC or smartphone: a Smart TV is now a mainly passive device, which offers you the use of content through simple interfaces to use and navigate with the remote control. It cannot replace a PC or a tablet, at least not yet.

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