Frequent Questions About Air Conditioning

Where the air conditioner should be placed?

Refrigeration equipment should be placed in places where there is not too much sun and where there is good air circulation. This must be fulfilled with both the outdoor and indoor units.

How can you optimize consumption?

What should be done to avoid unnecessary consumption is to turn off the air conditioning when there is no one in the place where it is located. Many climate control equipment already includes energy saving mechanisms.

At what temperature should the AC be programmed?

The normal and recommended temperature, taking care of the environment, usually oscillate between 22 and 25 degrees centigrade. If the humidity increases, the temperature should be reduced so as not to modify the thermal sensation.

It must be taken into a report that a temperature that differs by more than 12 degrees from the outside temperature should not be programmed since this will increase the energy consumption by 8% for each degree that exceeds those twelve degrees of difference.

How is the ideal temperature achieved?

It is essential that since the window air conditioner brand in India¬†is turned on, it is programmed to the desired temperature. Neither higher nor lower. Nor should the temperature be set higher or lower than what we want to cool or heat faster. This can be achieved with the ‘powerful’ mode that almost all devices have. Otherwise, only higher consumption will be made.

How to ventilate the house to obtain better performance?

The ventilation of the place where the refrigeration equipment is used should be done in the hours of lower heat. These hours, usually the first in the morning and those that comprise the night.

For air conditioning to be carried out correctly, the house must be ventilated during these stages of the day and avoid opening doors and windows while the air conditioning is working. Also, ventilation only takes ten minutes.

What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

Usually, it is suggested that the device should be cleaned once a year, so we will avoid breathing dirt-laden air, and our appliance will last much longer. However, the filters must be cleaned at least once a month. The extraction of filters is a simple process that can be done without the help of professionals.

In the case of a more thorough cleaning, if it is advisable to have professional services.

Can you control the humidity in the environment?

Usually yes. Nowadays, almost all air conditioner manufacturer in India bring a function that allows regulating the humidity of the place where it is located. This dehumidification function reduces humidity with a minimum decrease in temperature.

Should the air conditioning be combined with other appliances?

In this case, the answer is positive. Combining the function of our air conditioning with other domestic appliances, such as ceiling fans, can offer significant support to our air conditioner, which will extend its useful life considerably.

Can the outdoor units be hidden?

Due to the lack of aesthetics left by outdoor units, many people want to cover or hide them. This is possible as long as particular attention is paid to the manufacturer’s instructions on the ventilation they need.

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