Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner

With the arrival of summer and the rise in temperatures in many homes is beginning to consider the purchase of an air conditioning equipment, and that is when the question arises, will it be better to buy a new one or can I buy the second hand and save myself some money?


When it comes to purchasing an appliance, it is important to review several issues that we must take into account. Some may affect the total investment we will make in the team, as well as the quality of life in the home that this will give us.

Items to check in a second-hand equipment

  1. Filter status

Filters are one of the essential components for the proper functioning of air conditioners. You have to keep them in perfect condition, making revisions every few months. This maintenance is something simple; you just have to remove the filters and clean them with soap and water.

Otherwise, they can be filled with particles of dust, dirt, and bacteria, which could contaminate the air that filters, and which is then cooled to cool the room. This polluted air could even make us sick, so it is a matter of individual care. For this reason, when purchasing a second-hand window air conditioner price, we must check the status of the filters. They must be in perfect condition, without deterioration or excessive dirt.

  1. Gas levels


Over time, the levels of gas in the air conditioning equipment decrease, so it is necessary to review them and, occasionally, hire an expert to replace these levels of refrigerant gas. When it is a second-hand equipment, it is essential to check this and check if there is any possible gas leak in the device.

  1. Energy consumption

It is important to review the energy consumption that our equipment will represent since it will affect the monthly electricity expenditure. This consumption is part of the investment that we are making in the team and, also, influences the environment, so it is a subject that we should be aware of.

  1. Noise level

It is also important to know the noise level that our air conditioner will produce. Auditory contamination has been shown to have an impact on health, so it must be taken into account when purchasing equipment. An excessive level of decibels can generate discomfort, discomfort, difficulty in concentrating or resting, and even, headaches.

Price difference

The difference between buying a new device and buying a second-hand less power consumption air conditioner is not that big. For this reason, if it is a slight difference, we must take care of the other possible problems and secondary expenses.

You have to remember that, buy the equipment you buy; you have to hire specialized personnel for its installation. Otherwise, a person who does not know how to install such equipment could generate problems in the electrical system of the house, which could lead to damage to other equipment connected to that network. Although, the most important thing is that this could affect a risk to the security of the home and yours.

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