What is The Best Manufacturer of Air Conditioners?


The hot days come, and there is nothing better to enjoy and rest at home than a good air conditioning system. In the current market, we can find a wide variety of high-quality products, but we all always ask ourselves the same question: what is the best air conditioning today?

The best benefits

It is true that the variety of models can make us doubt about the system to choose. The first thing we have to look for is top air conditioner brands in India with good features. The energy efficiency of 5-star models is quite expensive to be affordable for all, and then there are many who after their low-cost prices hide a high bill at the end of the month. In addition to higher efficiency, a good quality air conditioner help reduces the impact on the environment.

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Advantages of a New AC Versus a Second-Hand One


There are a number of technical advantages when purchasing a new HVAC equipment and we consider it essential that you take them into account when making a decision:

  1. Energy efficiency

The new air conditioning systems have energy optimization systems designed to make consumption more efficient. It supposes a decrease in the cost of electricity, as well as a lower environmental impact. For example, teams of air conditioning from Intec air conditioner are market leaders in energy saving systems, and also for its silent technology.

  1. Wi-Fi control

This tool brought by the new air conditioning equipment makes our life easier because we can program and control it at all times from the place where we are. There will no longer be the question of: “Did I leave the air on?” Nor will we have the classic thought of: “the house will be like an oven when it arrives.”


  1. Air quality

To cool the room, the air conditioning units pass the air of the room through some fibers that cool it down. The more time a team has, the more bacteria and microorganisms accumulate in it. It, as we have already pointed out, can contaminate the air that is breathed in the home. For this reason, it is safer to purchase a new less power consumption air conditioner. Once Continue reading

The Benefits of Acquiring a Low-Consumption Air Conditioner


During the summer or those months of very hot weather, an air conditioning at home becomes almost indispensable to be comfortable and cool during the day and night. As we know, air conditioners usually consume a large amount of energy and their constant use during the hot season can become more of an economic problem than a pleasure, adding tens of euros to our electricity bill.

Luckily, there are many models in the market that are able to consume little amount of energy. These are known as low-consumption air conditioners and are the ideal option if you want to incorporate freshness into your home without compromising your finances and respecting the environment.

Low-energy air conditioners limit their functions to maintain a cold or hot room if the appliance also has a heat pump- using a minimum amount of energy. Those home appliances brands in India that have an energy rating of type A, from A + to A +++, can be considered as low consumption. The operation of one of these types of air conditioners is totally conventional and is ideal if you are looking only for an appliance that can keep your room at a comfortable temperature.


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How to Save Electricity When Using the Air Conditioner

Efficient air conditioning equipment reduces consumption up to 60% without reducing benefits

When the summer ends and the receipt of the light of the hottest months arrives, it is normal to take your hands to your head. Its amount is astronomical, primarily due to the high energy consumption of air conditioning systems. However, with a rational use of this type of air conditioner brands in India, it is possible to be fresh at home without spending too much.


This year, after the continued rise in the price of electricity and the increase in a VAT , it is more important than ever to follow a series of savings guidelines that are detailed below, so that in September no one is frozen when receiving the bill of the light.

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3 Important Selection Parameters For Air Conditioners

The summers in India are getting warmer and warmer. Cooling in summer is just as crucial in our latitudes as heating in winter. To escape the heat in the apartment, in the office or the store, especially in the height of summer, more and more people rely on air conditioning.



In times of Internet, electric markets and discounters, air conditioners are often already available at the lowest prices. However, cheap and mis-installed equipment can quickly take revenge: high power consumption, poor performance, and short life are often a problem. We therefore recommend:

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Common Issues With Your Air Conditioner This Summer


If the recently purchased air conditioner does not work as it should and begins not to cool well, do not despair: it can be one of the most common problems of an air conditioner that is present for several reasons such as gas leaks and electronic damage resolved by the intervention of a qualified technician.



If your home conditioner has a problem, you should avoid using it until this is localized and resolved. Continue to turn it on if there are strange noises or only hot air comes out could damage it and make the situation worse. Cleaning and outdoor unit controls can be performed without, however, forcing the system.

One of the most important things to do is check the temperature. Each air conditioner, in fact, works about the environment in which it was installed. Simplifying: With the air conditioner set in automatic mode, three different situations can occur depending on the desired temperature:

  1. Ambient temperature of + 3 ° C above the set point: It works in cooling mode
  2. Lower ambient temperature of 3 ° C than the set temperature: heating mode is activated)
  3. The temperature of the ventilation is the same as the one set


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Glorious Air Conditioner and LED TV Range by Intec

In a country like India where climate is tropical humid for almost 9 months, it is almost a necessity to have an air conditioner. But the requirement of every individual varies according to the structure of the room where that AC is to be installed. Intec is emerging as one of the leading air conditioner manufacturer in India, providing a range of air conditioners such as window, cassette, tower and split.


Air conditioners have changed a lot over the years and their cooling capacity is just remarkable now. These ACs are designed to suit the precise requirements of the users. The Window air conditioners are the best solution for the space issue for people who couldn’t afford or did not want central air conditioning. In split ACs compressor unit is installed outside and there is less noise generation. If you want to focus on a particular room of your house then tower ACs are perfect for cooling down one room. These ACs come in varied sizes and shapes but are well known for their sleek looks.

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