Enjoy the Home With a Quality Air Conditioning Also in Winter

Undoubtedly, a quality air conditioner is an excellent ally in the summer season, but it must be taken into account that it is also an ideal option to heat homes throughout the winter. At present, the best technology is at the service of the citizen. Society is experiencing rapid technological progress, where the least possible environmental impact, as well as fully satisfy the demands of the consumer, is becoming increasingly important. A good example is a less power consumption air conditioner that provides optimal functionality at an affordable price for anyone.

The air conditioning today

At a national and global level, almost all sectors are aware of climate change. Over the years, more extreme temperatures are reached both in summer and in winter and homes, necessarily, have to adapt to these inclement weather.

Currently, air conditioning in homes seems essential and will continue to be more in the future. The demand for air equipment has risen considerably in recent times, and almost all households have these devices; even people who do not yet have them plan to install one in the short term. In the case of older adults, the fact of having an air conditioner is vital, due to the high temperatures of summer and the frigid days of autumn and winter.

And, currently, air conditioners have been implemented in the home as well as televisions or refrigerators, thanks to its many features at any time of year. In winter, specifically, air conditioners have the following advantages over other heating systems:

Intec‬ Air Conditioners

A heating system with heat pump, as is the case of Continue reading

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Second Hand Air Conditioner

With the arrival of summer and the rise in temperatures in many homes is beginning to consider the purchase of an air conditioning equipment, and that is when the question arises, will it be better to buy a new one or can I buy the second hand and save myself some money?


When it comes to purchasing an appliance, it is important to review several issues that we must take into account. Some may affect the total investment we will make in the team, as well as the quality of life in the home that this will give us.

Items to check in a second-hand equipment

  1. Filter status

Filters are one of the essential components for the proper functioning of air conditioners. You have to keep them in perfect condition, making revisions every few months. This maintenance is something simple; you just have to remove the filters and clean them with soap and water.

Otherwise, they can be filled with particles of dust, dirt, and bacteria, which could contaminate the air that filters, and which is then cooled to cool the room. This polluted air could even make us sick, so it is a matter of individual care. For this reason, when purchasing a second-hand window air conditioner price, we must check the status Continue reading

My Air Conditioner Is Dripping


Having a quality air conditioner, like the different ranges that Intec air conditioner offers supposes a great tranquility and comfort to the homes. But this device requires proper care and maintenance to prevent it from breaking or clogging. For this, a regular cleaning of the internal filters and the battery of the outdoor unit should be carried out, as well as checking the refrigerant gas charge.

Why does the air conditioner leak water?

One of the most frequent questions that users usually ask is why the lowest power consumption air conditioner in India drains water. In the first place, it must be said that the amount of water that flows through the drain is a function of the percentage of humidity in the environment. This stream is generated by the same air as a result of condensation.


By putting the air in cold mode, the exchanger of the indoor unit is flooded with gas at low temperature and pressure, so that it cools and all the humidity of the air adheres to the exchanger. It liquefies and falls down the drain to the tube. Something that is accentuated much more in summer and especially in the coastal areas, due to the higher humidity of the environment, where you can, in a single day, get to generate several liters of water.

The drain of my air conditioner is clogged

Among the different reasons the most “normal” or usual is that the drain is clogged, usually the domestic air conditioning units have a drain pipe of a not very large diameter, in part, because it leaves the factory with that size and also because it is not unusual for a drain to like the rest of the installation have to juggle, bending corners, going up, down, Continue reading

Advantages of a New AC Versus a Second-Hand One


There are a number of technical advantages when purchasing a new HVAC equipment and we consider it essential that you take them into account when making a decision:

  1. Energy efficiency

The new air conditioning systems have energy optimization systems designed to make consumption more efficient. It supposes a decrease in the cost of electricity, as well as a lower environmental impact. For example, teams of air conditioning from Intec air conditioner are market leaders in energy saving systems, and also for its silent technology.

  1. Wi-Fi control

This tool brought by the new air conditioning equipment makes our life easier because we can program and control it at all times from the place where we are. There will no longer be the question of: “Did I leave the air on?” Nor will we have the classic thought of: “the house will be like an oven when it arrives.”


  1. Air quality

To cool the room, the air conditioning units pass the air of the room through some fibers that cool it down. The more time a team has, the more bacteria and microorganisms accumulate in it. It, as we have already pointed out, can contaminate the air that is breathed in the home. For this reason, it is safer to purchase a new less power consumption air conditioner. Once Continue reading

The Benefits of Acquiring a Low-Consumption Air Conditioner


During the summer or those months of very hot weather, an air conditioning at home becomes almost indispensable to be comfortable and cool during the day and night. As we know, air conditioners usually consume a large amount of energy and their constant use during the hot season can become more of an economic problem than a pleasure, adding tens of euros to our electricity bill.

Luckily, there are many models in the market that are able to consume little amount of energy. These are known as low-consumption air conditioners and are the ideal option if you want to incorporate freshness into your home without compromising your finances and respecting the environment.

Low-energy air conditioners limit their functions to maintain a cold or hot room if the appliance also has a heat pump- using a minimum amount of energy. Those home appliances brands in India that have an energy rating of type A, from A + to A +++, can be considered as low consumption. The operation of one of these types of air conditioners is totally conventional and is ideal if you are looking only for an appliance that can keep your room at a comfortable temperature.


Currently, it is possible to find hundreds of models of air conditioners of low consumption of different brands, in different categories. Depending on the characteristics Continue reading

How Best to Choose a Place to Install An Air Conditioner?

It is necessary to understand that the selection of the location for the installation of the air conditioner must be approached responsibly because the wall conditioner cannot be moved or moved to another location. When installing Intec air conditioner, it is essential to consider how the furniture will be located indoors.

Several rules need to be adhered to when choosing a location for an air conditioner:

Intec Split AC

Excluding direct hit of an air stream on people is necessary. Do not install the air conditioner opposite the bed/sofa / dining table / workstation, i.e.the place where people will be. In the case of such an installation, cold air will blow directly to the person, with a high probability of catching a cold and this is simply not comfortable. The air flow should be directed so that it can pass freely or where people cannot be too often, or (if the speech is still about the office) between the places of workers.

If it is a bedroom and its dimensions are not large, and there are not many places for installing an air conditioner, then the air conditioner should be installed at the head of the bed. There is an opinion that if you install the air conditioner over your head, it will blow directly onto the person lying underneath it, but it is not. In the case of such an installation, the flow of cold air will drop only in the region of the legs of the lying person, which are most often covered, and therefore protected.

At installation of the conditioner, it is necessary to leave not less than 10 centimeters Continue reading

What Are The Means for Installation of The Window Air Conditioner?

Intec Window Air Conditioners

Less power consumption air conditioner is some of the time alluded to as room aeration and cooling system too. It is the least complex type of a ventilating framework and is mounted on windows or dividers. It is a solitary unit that is gathered in a packaging where every one of the parts is found. Here are the means for the establishment of the window aeration and cooling system:

  • Remove the AC from box: Firstly, expel the window aeration and cooling system from the crate alongside the bureau cover or packaging. The AC is encased inside the packaging, so it must be expelled from it.
  • Making the gap in the divider or window: It is the gap in the divider or the window where the window AC will be introduced. The measurements of the gap ought to be according to the span of the unit specified in the producer’s guideline manual.
  • Leveling the divider or window, fitting the wooden casing: The gap that has been made in divider is very uneven, and it ought to be made a plain surface by putting it. At the edges of the opening, the wooden edge is built. The entire weight of the ventilation system is bolstered by this wooden edge; consequently it ought to be sufficiently thick to manage the entire weight. On the off chance that the unit is being introduced in the window, the wooden casing can be fitted specifically on the fundamental casing of the altered window. Sometimes individuals may develop the iron edge around the window; however it might deliver a few vibrations and clamor. Before fitting the packaging of the window aeration and cooling system ensure that the casing fitted in the divider is solid and sufficiently inflexible to bolster the heaviness of the entire ventilation system.
  • Fitting the bureau cover or packaging: Fitting the packaging of the window aeration and cooling system is another critical stride. The entire ventilation system fits inside this packaging, thus on the off chance that it not fitted appropriately; the entire gathering would fall-of behind the divider prompting to startling decimation of the hardware and furthermore human setbacks. The packaging of the window aeration and cooling system lies totally outside the room and behind the divider or window where the unit is to be fitted. The packaging of the Window air conditioner brand in India is fitted to the wooden edge associated with the divider or the window.
  • Sliding the Window AC: Now that the most essential piece of fitting the packaging is done, you can get the window AC with the assistance of a few people and basically slide it into the packaging fitted in the divider. Next, fit the outer flame broil on the finish of the window AC and interface the AC to the electrical point. The window AC is presently prepared to be begun for your solace.

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Have a Sight On Various Parts of the Window Air Conditioners


Window Air Conditioners are a standout amongst the most generally utilized sorts of ventilation systems since they are the easiest type of the cooling frameworks. Window air conditioner brand in India involves the inflexible base on which every one of the parts of the window aeration and cooling system is amassed. The base is collected inside the packaging which is fitted into the divider or the window of the room in which the ventilation system is fitted.

Window air conditioner is among the best home appliances brands in India and is delightfully enriched front board on which the supply and return air flame broils are fitted (the entire front board itself is regularly called as front barbecue). The louvers fitted in the supply air flame broils are customizable in order to supply the air in coveted bearing.

The different parts of the window air conditioner manufacturers in India can be partitioned into taking after classes: the refrigeration framework, air course framework, ventilation framework, control framework, and the electrical security Continue reading